Thursday, May 31, 2012

WELCOME to our NEW Phazes Team!

It's a new Era for Phazes Fitness!  Phazes started in the spring of 2009 just doing outdoor bootcamps. We added The studio in Laverkin in the fall of that same year with just a few clients.  Michelle Ennis worked hard to build a reputation for Phazes fitness and it's mission and has seen some remarkable successes over the past few years.  When the studio across town opened up Desert Fitness became Phazes biggest (and friendliest) competition around.  Michelle, Tyann and Aimee had been talking for about a year about how to combine studios and still accommodate the amount of people, keep all their visions and priorities in line, and allow for the kind of time a young mom needs to dedicate to her growing family.  While it wouldn't work then, we are now in a place where it will work!

I know that Tyann and Aimee have made a tough choice to decide to "let Desert Fitness go".  But I want to reassure them and their clients that would follow these ladies to the ends of the earth - Desert Fitness is not going away - It's simply changing it's name and ownership while keeping the classes, the mission, and most importantly the amazing trainers!!

I respect deeply the work and effort Tyann and Aimee have put into making Desert fitness a Strong fitness studio and have only held them in high regards.  I have enjoyed the few times we have done combined events and partied hard together.  I respect the level of athleticism and competitive spirit as well as the level of expectation their trainers were held to.

 While ALL this will be respected and kept in place and brought into Phazes, I also want to reassure current Phazes Clients that have loved the atmosphere and no pressure of the Gold Circuit, loved the options of the 4 Phaze circuit and have loved having a place for them no matter their fitness level (or lack of it) we honor YOU! We hope you still feel that same spirit of welcoming here.  We will continue to offer the classes you have grown to love as well.

The combining of these 2 studios is a dream come true.  We now TRULY offer a fitness adventure for EVERY Phaze of life!  From Gold Circuit, to Bootcamps, to Zumba, to Turbo Kick, To strength classes, to Yoga for beginners or experienced, to our signature 4 Phaze circuit...  Our goal is to assist you in finding the right plan for your fitness adventure.  Truly this life is an adventure and your journey to better health is our passion!

Be Patient with us as we iron out all the wrinkles. We understand that all changes bring up issues that may not have been foreseen.  Or there might be some amount of  "discomfort" while we adjust to this new way of working together.  PLEASE e-mail your concerns and problems to right away so we can make sure we do our best to keep Phazes the best studio in town.

Welcome to the new Phazes!
 - Michelle Ennis (owner)

The Phazes Team -
Top: Leslie
Middle: Joy, Natalie B, Natalie M, Tyann, Monica, Heather
Bottom:Michelle, Peggy, Bethany, Aimee

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