Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Burn that comfort blanket!

I received an e-mail this morning from a Pro in the fitness industry.  I love those motivational pep talks I get almost daily from Bedros Killian, Steve Hochman, Chalene Johnson and many others.  One I read this morning from Bedros said to get out of that comfort blanket - to in fact "burn your comfort blanket and throw it over a cliff!"  I LOVE IT!

Complacency is a place where we feel a total lack of drive.  As long as I am living, there is something to improve!  Complacency is what keep the couch potato on the couch, the High school drop out from receiving an education, the business person from getting out of debt and achieving financial success.

One of my favorite quotes (I even have it on my facebook profile as my favorite):
"make no small plans. They have no magic to stir men's souls" - Spencer W. Kimball

Once the plan is made... then you must get up and move it to accomplish the PLAN - ATTACK IT!
I guess that's why it's called the "Plan of attack".

When I first felt the desire to start my business I told my mother "I am scared that I won't succeed.  I am nervous about it.  It is so exciting to me that I am nearly sick to my stomache."
Her response was something like "You should always be a little scared.  It means your going somewhere right."

"Feel the fear and do it anyway"  - ever hear that?  That's what throwing away that comfort blanket is all about.  as long as we are too comfortable we never accomplish anything.  My bed is terribly comfortable every morning.  Sometimes it is all I can do to get myself up.  The most comfortable thing in the world would be to lay in my bed and have someone bring me my breakfast, lunch and dinner while I chat with my friends on facebook and watch movies on Hulu.  That would be nice... But that is NOT what life is.  That is terribly unfulfilling!

Yesterday I had a lot of time off work.  I went home and looked at my house and saw some areas that needed some work done. I really really wanted to just lay down on that couch and watch movies.  But - I tossed off that "comfort blanket" and got to work.  My room got cleaned, I made food for the family, did laundry and really went to town.  I was tired when I was done - but I looked at what was accomplished in my home and felt good about where I lived and what I did.

Sometimes it is that simple - just getting up and getting a few things done when we don't want to.  Sometimes it is moving your body and getting outside for fresh air.
Sometimes  it is working toward your financial goals and driving a business forward.

What is it that you want?  What would bring you joy in your life?
I guess this is why I run - I love those finish lines.  It's something to work hard toward and then to finally cross after a period of training. it's more measurable than any other thing in my life.  I guess I could count a clean laundry room and spotless floors as measurable - but that's not as fun.   

What you need to do right now is decide what you want in life.  Now create your plan of attack.  Next - Attack it!  Toss off that comfort blanket, work hard, feel joy in the work you do in every area of your life! 

 - Michelle Ennis

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