It was really  really really hard to choose who would win this contest for a free membership at Phazes, we had some outstanding entries (some brought tears to my eyes).  But due to the nature of the content and the Grant I was applying for - this was the one that I chose to submit for the Grant contest...

"To whom it may concern.

Phazes fitness is completely different health option for real people.  I tried out Phazes last week for the first time and quickly noticed that the trainer was motivating, positive and very knowledgeable.  The concept of having the attention of professional trainers for the cost of a regular gym membership is astounding.  (Their business model allows them to give this attention and still be profitable.)  They have a philosophy of general health and not just a number on the scale.  I was impressed with her ability to make me feel like I can do more.  The workouts themselves have a huge variety keeping it fun and challenging at the same time.  The concept of changing it up each week keeps me mentally engaged and forced my muscles to respond to a variety of movements without the plateau effect.  They encourage health for life rather than a quick and short lived fix.  This strong marriage of customer education and group motivation breed permanent results.  I've seen these results in several local people who rave about this company.  
As a business man I can't help but notice the well planned business model of Phazes.  I've watched them grow from a start up that shared a space with another business to a successful operation with several employees over the last year or so.  Their current staff of trainers are well liked around town and of themselves are each capable of business prosperity.  Together they make a very powerful team.  They use a lethal combination of effective social media, word of mouth referrals and a service that really works.  They have created a buzz around the valley amongst regular people who have finally found something that delivers what it promises.  That buzz effect is something that cannot be purchased for any price but once active can be magnified with a capitol investment used wisely.  The owners of Phazes have the drive, attitude and knowledge to really succeed.  This is one success story that will be talked about in our area for a very long time. 


Jed Stout"
Congratulation Jed!  you get a FREE Membership for One year at Phazes!  f we win the grant you also get $100 to spend on supplements and workout gear!
Thank you to all the other entries submitted - you were awesome!  make sure to come get your gift from our basket in the studio as our Thank you.
here are the other entries that were runners up:

 From Jeannie:
I started coming to Phazes in November 2011. I needed a good hard workout to replace my trainer's workouts, as she was out of town for a couple of months. Michelle Ennis' Zumba is great fun, however it was her 4 phaze circuit that I used to replace my previous workouts.  The workout changes each week and offers both cardio and strength training exercises. I am able to go through the circut 3 times and by the time I finish, I am tired and fill like I got a great workout. I appreciate Michelle and her staff so much for making sure that I get the workout that I need at the level that I need it. They always make sure I am doing each exercise properly. Still to this day I do the 4 phaze circuit almost every Wednesday morning and love it!
Jeannie Willard
From Bonita:
 I was introduced to Phazes Inc. in the fall of 2011. I was extremely nervous as I walked into my first Gold Circuit. I did not have many positive experiences with the gym atmosphere and my body reflected that.
I was very surprised when I started the gold circuit because I had envisioned a typical gym. There was very little exercise equipment. The circuit is set up with an assortment of exercises that are done at different levels. I was able to do some at the higher AMP level while others I was only able to do at the less impactful Gold level. This completely optimized my workout. My weak areas were becoming stronger and my strong areas were becoming polished. I would leave each day with sweat dripping down my back. It was great! When I completed my first fitness assessment at Phazes, I was very discouraged at how far I needed to go to obtain my goals. However, in just a couple of months, my next assessment showed great improvement and I was elated when I realized that I really would reach my goals. This gave me the hope that I had been searching for. I became very committed to Phazes and rarely missed a day.
Three months later I was in a serious car accident that left me with two broken feet and ankles. No walking. No working out. No Phazes. I was devastated when I found out that I was to be released from the hospital to a rehab center. However, because I was able to physically move myself, using only my arms, my doctors sent me home instead. I was full of gratitude for Phazes. I had been doing the precise exercise needed to strengthen my arms. I then thought I would be unable to work out for quite some time. However, Michelle from Phazes taught me exercises that I could do from a chair. It was very empowering to be able to continue on my health goals even if it wasn’t in the traditional way.
At other gyms I have attended, I have never had this customized of an experience. The machines were too complicated, the staff was unavailable (or intimidating) to approach for assistance, the level was too high for my physical restrictions, or the atmosphere wasn’t one that I was comfortable in. Phazes has tried to make my experience one of personal perfection. I have no more excuses. All of the exercises are at my level. When I reach the next level of fitness, it will be right there ready for me.
Now at Phazes, I am still physically unable to do many of the exercises that I did before the accident. But that doesn’t mean that my workout is any easier. I still leave each day sweaty and I feel my body getting stronger. I know that my current level of fitness is only temporary and one circuit at a time, Phazes will help me reach my ultimate fitness goals.

From Britney:
I have been doing the 4 Phaze Circuit program for only two weeks and yet it has already given me results. I have noticed that my arms and legs are more toned and my core is getting stronger. Every station in the circuit targets a different muscle group so that I am able to get a full body workout in just 30 minutes. A component of the Circuit program that I find very helpful is that each station has a picture of how to perform the workout and amped up versions and simplified versions of each workout. If I still find that I am unsure about how to do a workout there is an instructor there to demonstrate it for me and to make sure that I am performing the workout correctly. The equipment is provided for me at Phazes so that I only have to worry about getting myself to class on time. I also love that the instructors are there encouraging me to push myself harder. As a working mother I love the convenience that Phazes’ offers me through their daycare and varied class schedule. If I want to dance and shake my booty there is Zumba. If I decide that I need to release some stress and frustration then I can go to a Turbo Kick class. If I want to build up my core and test my endurance then Yoga and Core/Strength fusion classes are offered. Phazes accommodates a variety of clientele. Through their Gold Circuit and Zumba Hi/Lo classes clients can find a class that is appropriate for their physical level. Phazes is a fun and convenient way for me to get fit and stay fit.

From Nicole:
I'm a small town girl.  I'm a small town girl who has had four children and is desperately trying to get her pre-baby body back!  Where I live, I have been very limited in what I can do to get back into shape.  Sure, I can run aimlessly around town tracking miles.  Heck, I have three marathons and a few half marathons under my belt.  Sadly, from all this running, I have knee and hip problems that bother me at times.  Scary considering I'm only in my thirties!  I've tried to come up with other ways to work out, and heading over to St. George to hit a gym while I have four kids at home isn't ideal.  A friend invited me to come with her to try out Zumba over at Phazes Fitness.  What a party!  I thoroughly enjoyed the sixty minute workout, and Michelle, who instructed it, was a blast!  I was immediately hooked!  Phazes fits my schedule by having many different classes at different times every day.  They even offer free babysitting during the Zumba classes!  Dream come true with my four little ones!
       I'd heard of Phazes Circuit Training they offer, and decided to try it.   It's a thirty minute workout where you go to different stations and perform an exercise for 40 seconds.  You can do anything for forty seconds, right?!  After you do the exercise for forty seconds, you have a short break to move to the next workout before the forty seconds starts again.  I was curious how well this would work me out.  After 30 minutes, one water bottle, and torrents of sweat running down my back, I'll tell you it was a killer workout!  It has intensity options at each station so that you can choose how hard, or light you want your workout.  Also, Michelle was there, helping me with my form.  Wow, a workout with a personal trainer!  I couldn't find that anywhere else around here!  Phazes is efficiently run, with a variety of classes offered, from Zumba to Circuit Training, Yoga to Turbo Kick.  Always something new being offered at Phazes.  The cost is very reasonable and flexible.  Either buy a membership for a certain amount (depending on how many months you want) or buy a punch pass, which is what I have.  No huge membership fees or forced automatic withdrawals from your checking account.   For a young mother like me, it is an invaluable business to have so close by.  Something fun to go to, while keeping me healthy and in shape.  There are many people like me.  Trying to get back into shape, trying to live better, healthier.  Phazes Fitness is amazing in assisting people to accomplish this.  Providing and inviting them to find a healthier life.  This is why Phazes Fitness should receive this grant.  A business like this is so valuable to a town like ours.  For years my husband and I have griped about not having a place to go and exercise.  Now we do!  
By:  Nicole Stout

Thank you everyone for all the support and great work you did.  I appreciate all of you sooo much!  It really was hard for me to choose.