Tuesday, June 12, 2012

House fire!!!

 Fires suck!
Michelle Smith - a client here at Phazes - just had a house fire that claimed everything she owned.  Her family is OK, as far as alive and no physical harm to any of them.  But the fire took everything they owned.  There is no insurance to cover the losses, they were renting the house.  So It's time for US the community to step up and assist where we can.  Michelle told me that she really needs workout clothes.  :)  We know that exercise helps reduce stress and she doesn't want to quit doing that during this crisis.  So if you have any workout clothes laying around OR Anything to donate for that matter... bring it on in.  We are working on getting a box here for donations to drop in.  But we strongly urge you to use the link posted to donate any money you can to them before Father's day.  You can also drop money into the "Donation bag" on the front desk to assist them.

If you feel badly for them and have a few bucks you were going to spend on a manicure or fast food for the month - skip it and help out.  It feels good to give when you can.


Also... baby items, kids toys, is there anything laying around that you don't need anymore?

Again the link in case you missed it the first 2 times:

Take care - be safe - and give your family a bigger hug today!

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