Friday, July 27, 2012

Schedule changes...

August is almost here!
There are a few modifications to the schedule I am really excited about!
1 - adding a Monday 8pm Yoga class!  Whoot Whoot!  I know a few people doing a happy dance right now.  So if you love Yoga or just need to get some variety into your workout regimine - come in and bring your friends!
2 - More evening 4 Phaze circuits!  7-7:30pm AND 7:30-8:00pm Monday - Friday!!!  YES!
I hope you enjoy your fat blasting 30 minute workout! designed for 4 different fitness levels (from chair bound to elite athlete)
3 - a later in the day GOLD Circuit!  11:30am! (Tue/wed/thu only)  We are keeping the 8:30am Gold Circuit and adding an 11:30am as well for those of you that just love your bed a little more than an early morning workout.  :)  This is for you!  Gold Circuits are for those that have difficulty with exercise for any reason.  Or just want a less intimidating environment to workout in.
4 - LOW IMPACT ZUMBA - ONLY!  11:30am MONDAYS!  the typical Zumba class can be very high impact and jar the joints and back a little with all that hip thrusting and jumping and lunging.  But the music is FUN!  So... to help those of you that need a little more LOVE on those joints that enjoy great music - this class is for you!

Notice 11:30 Monday - Friday is now designed for a gentler workout all week long! starting with low impact ZUMBA, then the Gold circuits and finally Fridays Beginning level Yoga!  I am thinking of those of you that have begged for this.  :)

5 - no more 10:15am group fitness - we will be doing the 4 Phaze circuits instead at that time.  So... try the amazing 4 Phaze circuit and get a real kick in the pants - strength and cardio rolled into one fast 30 minute workout!

6 - Kids Zumba! Tuesday at 5:00pm!  Bring the kiddos that love to move and shake it!  This is for them!  You know they are begging to go to Zumba.  this class is geared for kids under 10 years old.  The cost is only $3/child and is 45 minutes.

7 - Self defense for Women - Wednesday at 5:00pm with Officer Romney.  Get the skills you need to defend yourself in an emergency situation.  You never know when you will need this and you hope you never do.  It's like health insurance that way.  You want to have it and never use it.  So get in there and take care of yourself.

I also got the Swamp cooler fixed and the air is A LOT cooler now!  (YAY!)

Your excuses are gone!
Come party with us!
- Michelle

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