Don't be afraid of your kitchen!

I used to tell everyone, "I don't cook."  I hated "cooking".  I mean, spending hours in the kitchen all day long, preparing food for the family was not on my list of favorite things to do.  I had all the cookbooks with amazing food to prepare that was healthy and yummy.  Most of it had ingredients I couldn't even find in my local grocery store or afford to purchase when I was on an extremely limited budget after my husband was laid off.

Our family meals 5-10 years ago consisted or microwave corn dogs, and hamburger helper as our staple foods.  Vegetables were from cans and heated in the microwave.  Cooking food...  yeah... not excited about it.

But what does exploring the kitchen have to do with fitness, fat loss and health?  EVERYTHING!

Ask anyone that has had lasting results without pills.  It all starts with what you put in your mouth.  So this week's challenge is to get over the fear of getting in the kitchen. Stop eating boxed processed foods and fast foods and begin a new tradition of preparing your own food.  Control of your weight and health starts with control of your food.  What I mean by control over you food is this : Control over the ingredients you put in to what you eat.  Anything you purchase prepared or boxed, you have put all your trust into a large corporation that looks at dollar signs first.  When you are the one determining what goes into your food, YOU learn to trust simple ingredients.

Not a cook?  I still feel that way mostly.  I love grilled chicken and a good spring mix salad with tomatoes and feta cheese sprinkled with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  YUM!

Or for breakfast try a parfait (YOU MAKE - Not Mcd's!)  with Greek Yogurt, berries and granola.

For a quick snack - apples and nut butter

lunch - whole wheat tortilla wrap with nut butter and banana
or try a sweet baked potato with salsa on it.

You do not have to get too adventurous if you don't want to.  but I have found it is actually faster for me to drive to my house, and make something quick and easy, than it is for me to drive to a fast food establishment and order something at a window and wait.  Believe it or not, fast food is really not that fast - generally speaking.

Once a week get more adventurous and try something crazy... like almond encrusted Tilapia, with mint and lemon Quinoa.  Sounds crazy?  oh but it is SOOOO good for you.

Watch your waistline improve, watch the mood swings dissipate, watch your kids ADHD dwindle away more and more as you gain control in your kitchen.

The health benefits of getting in your kitchen should not be pushed aside as someone with no time or money. There are plenty of ways to work around all these obstacles.  I know, Because I am the working mom that had no time and very little money.

Prepare a meal plan today for your week and if you need help - e-mail me!  I would LOVE to assist you in preparing your menus for next week!
 - Michelle Ennis

(the above blog was taken from one of the rules we covered yesterday at our Lunch and Learn education series)