Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lunch time!

Some of you may know that Phazes has adopted an education series we are calling "Lunch and Learn".
Our Next one is MONDAY August 20th at 12:30pm

The following is a Facebook message from my buddy Jezzelle - the amazing cook that she is...
9:47am Aug 16
so i just wanted to tell you what else I'm making on mon! So, turkey stuffed zucchini, herbed quinoa, tomato/cucumber/mozzarella salad, and whole wheat zucchini bread! yummmmm :)"

THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!  You want some?

Here is what Lunch and Learn is:
an opportunity to eat amazing food - amazing in taste, amazing in benefits and amazing in price!
The class is just $5 recommended donation.  Feel free to donate more if you can.  The donation is part of a fundraising effort we do.  Right now we are raising money for a family That was involved in a serious car accident earlier this year. The mother lost the Use of her feet and has Physical Therapy and surgeries and more to deal with the long road to recovery.  The Father lost his job due to the circumstances surrounding the cause of the accident and also has legal expenses and a mess to deal with there.

The wife is a client at Phazes and we are eager to see their family get some of their burden lightened.
After we cover the cost of food - the rest goes to that family.  So give what you can.

And then we have the Learning part...
At Phazes, part of our mission is to educate the masses on better health - 80% (or more) of your health and fitness success comes from the stuff you put in your mouth several times a day.  It is time YOU and I and EVERYONE learned the best method of food awareness.  You could be running for hours a day and throwing around a bunch of weights and never see the results you are capable of.  OR... just the opposite... You could be unable to exercise at all and still improve your overall health and fitness level - SIMPLY by changing HOW YOU EAT!  My sister lost 40 pounds - just by eating clean!  WE LOVE THIS WAY OF EATING!  (Of course, I still believe in good sweat doing you good)

Phazes has adopted the Clean Eating method as the best choice and easiest program to follow for better all around health.

My kids anger management issues and ADD problems have nearly been eliminated due to a change in diet.  ALSO... My own depression has gone away.  This has been a 4 year journey of cleaning up the food in our home and being more aware of what I fed myself and my family.  Come learn with us.

We will be using the Clean Eating Book "Just the Rules" and covering just a few new rules each month to try out in your home.

Come learn what the rules of the month are.

MONDAY August 20th 12:30pm.
134 South Main street in Hurricane

Make it a lunch date and bring a friend!

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