Amazing Eileen...

I love it when a client drops in to my studio to tell me "hi".  Eileen started working out in the Phazes circuit last year at age 61.  She had hip problems, battled depression and had troubles getting up and down her stairs.  Eileen wasn't sure she could even do the circuit.  The beauty of the 4 Phaze circuit is ANYONE (and I do mean anyone) has a starting place.  Eileen started out on the Gold level one (bottom tier) on most exercises - no deep lunges, no jumping,  - careful careful careful careful circuits.  we concentrated on just getting some strength to support her joints.  One year later Eileen GLOWS!  She radiates confidence, she jumps rope, ran a 5K and say she practically RUNS up her stairs.  She's even signing up for our intense Bootcamp training!  No more hip pain, no difficulty getting up and down on the floor anymore, no pain! (plus she can now jump rope).
This is what PROPER strength training can do!
Eileen is just one of many success stories we have at Phazes.
The beauty of the 4 Phaze circuit is that there are PHAZES (phases) of ability to progress through. 

Gold 1 - is for those that cannot get on the ground, don't or should not jump, no deep lunges, and there are even chair options for those that have difficulty standing - this is for those with extreme difficulty with exercise.
Gold 2 - is for someone that can get on the ground without assistance, but might not be ready for a higher intensity workout ... just yet....
Amp 1 - is for the majority of us that just need a good workout, don't mind jumping, squatting, assisted pull-ups and some good sweat!
Amp 2 - athletes love this level.  This is a great cross training program for anyone with a good fitness level that is ready to be pushed and challenged til they just can't take anymore.
we even add in a few challenge levels for those crazy ones out there that just don't know when to stop.  :)  we have you covered!

I have seen a man in his late 60's come in unable to do a single knee pushup or a lunge without nearly falling over, work his way from Gold one and 2 up to AMP 2 levels and take on some challenge levels!  His doctors are amazed at how far he has come. It started at GOLD though.  had he tried a "traditional" workout program that pushed to hard right away, he could have ended up seriously injured.  We don't do that at Phazes.  It's why we are called Phazes.

SO... are you ready to get in shape?  Do you need some guidance?  Are you tired of wandering around in a gym looking for equipment and wondering what to do next?  Are you bored of other exercise programs?  Do you need some motivation and accountability? 

Phazes has a qualified trainer with you in the circuit the entire time assisting you with proper form, keeping you going, pushing you or helping you take a break if you need it.  Phazes is GROUP training, the benefits of a personal trainer and accountability system to keep you motivated.

Let's get you in and see if we can have a story about you in a year from now.  What do you want to see in one year?