Monday, October 8, 2012

Bootcamp Circuit? what's that?

The Phazes Circuit has changed it's name!
We have done this a few times.  It started at HIIT circuit, then AMP Circuit and GOLD Circuit, then the 4 Phaze circuit.

The problem was, no one seemed to know what in the world it was that we were offering.  Phazes Fitness main exercise program is the short intense interval training circuit now known as the Bootcamp Circuit.

Q: What is the difference between bootcamp and bootcamp circuit?
A:  Bootcamp is a 4 week program and is usually outdoors if the weather permits.  Our 4 week program takes a commitment to attend daily and clean up your diet, track you food, and is an hour long every day with a different workout every day.
 The Bootcamp CIRCUIT is about 30 minutes.  You can schedule in your workout times and determing your own commitment level, daily, 3 times a week or once a week is up to you.  We do not track your eating habits or ask you to come daily.  Although you MOST CERTAINLY CAN GET A BODY TRANSFORMATION WITH THIS WORKOUT, 4 week bootcamp brings higher intensity to it and gets you there faster. 

Q: Is there a price difference?
A: 4 week Bootcamp charges a higher price around $100/ month.  Phazes members save 50%  A Phazes membership to attend the Bootcamp circuit is roughly $40/month.

Q: Does Phazes offer other classes?
A: This depends on the location.  Check with the location you are interested in attending.

Q: Do the exercises we do change at the Bootcamp circuit?
A: Yes, every week we change out the circuit cards.  The workout always has a mix of upper body, lower body, Core/Ab, and High intensity Cardio.  If you came every day, you would get  a new workout on Monday, master it, hardly need a trainer on Friday and then the next week you would start over with new exercises.  This allows for muscle confusion and mastery.  The rut of doing the same exercises all the time takes us to hard to break plateaus.  The Phazes circuit allows you to bust Plateaus!

Q: This sounds good, but I am still a little confused.  Can you tell me again what this circuit is?
A: Our traditional Bootcamp circuit is roughly 30 minutes depending on how many rounds you can handle. It is mostly body wieght exercises. You will not find big heavy equipment, machines and Olympic Bars. The exercises we use in the circuit change weekly allowing for mastery and then improvement of each movement. THEN the movements and exercises are changed to create muscle confusion and opportunity to brea platueas. You will find dumbells, jump ropes, TRX, swiss balls, mats, boxes, pull-up station and chairs. You will not find, expensive machines, olympic bars, rings or gymnastic equipment. Phazes exercises are based on the same movements you would do if you were to hire a personal trainer outside of a gym setting. Michelle Ennis, founder of Phazes Fitness LLC, used her experience as a personal trainer assisting clients toward better health and her research on successful body transformation programs to determine the types of exercises that would be both successful and safe. Phazes is a plan of attack, it's timed exercises in a bootcamp style format. The bootcamp circuit has 10-12 exercises done 40 seconds on and a 20 second rest. The challenge is to see how many rounds you can do at 100% effort during the 40 seconds of work. Each “round” includes upper body, lower body and core exercises as well as high intensity cardio bursts. The purpose is to get to the anaerobic training zone where the body will burn twice as many calories as it would in a traditional cardio workout. Each exercise has several modifications from beginner to advance levels so you can either be challenged or take things down a notch depending on YOUR fitness level not some pre-determined expectation.
Phazes recommends 3-5 days a week of the bootcamp circuit depending on your recovery time.

The Gold circuit is a time set aside once a day for our most treasured clients – those that have difficulty with exercise for any reason. We discourage our elite athletes and AMP 2 or challenge level clients form coming to Phazes during this time. Modifications include those confined to chairs, difficulty getting on the floor, etc... Out typical Gold clients are dealing with aging issues, balance, morbid obesity, knee, back and hip injuries, and a multitude of other issues that make exercise difficult, but more necessary.

Q: is it hard or easy?  I've heard some people say it's easy and some say it's really tough.  Which is it?
A YES!  Depending on YOUR fitness level and goals you can choose the PHAZE you want to work in on each exercise.  Some people will push so hard they are looking for a bucket to puke in.  Others are focused increasing range of motion and balance and have no need to push the intensity past the Gold level one.  However, if you find yourself not being challenged, you are working at a Phaze or level below your ability - push it up a notch to the next Phaze on the circuit.

Q:  What is a Phaze or level?
A: Each exercise in the circuit has several variations or "Phazes" or Levels or modifications to make it harder or to make it safer depending on YOUR physical limitations or goals.  So the cross training Ironman and the 90 year old with back and hip pain can do the same circuit at the same time and choose the level that suits them best.

Just get in and try it out!
All Fitness levels are welcome to the Bootcamp circuit.
Gold Circuit is reserved for those that have a difficult time with exercise.

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