Monday, November 19, 2012

Cory mixes donuts and running...

The Baker's Dozen Half Marathon...

  This is a half marathon (13 miles) where you HAVE to eat a cookie, donut, twinkie (if there are any left) or other sugary treat at every aid station. (oh yeah - there is a 5K option too).  It is disgusting!  It's Horrible!  It's Awful! It's also the funnest race of the entire year and I will be running in it.  Cory Reese  (aka Fast Cory - check out his blogspot here:  ) - asked me if I could advertise this event for him.  Then he  asked "Or is it a conflict of interest with all the treats people have to eat?"

Here is why I will run it and advertise it:
1 - Any excuse for a party is a good thing!
2 - Getting People to get outside in the cold and run 13 miles is nuts!  Why not tempt them with donuts and cakes?  My husband uses the same technique to get scouts to show up at 6am to put out flags on special Holidays.  It works!
3 - You will feel so full of nastiness afterward, you won't want another one ever again! (unless your name is Cory Reese)  I do a Bacon Party once a year where the next day I feel so sick I never want to see bacon again - til the next year.  Why not Hostess... uhhh... I mean... Little Debbie's or whatever is left?
4 - OH YEAH - there is a 5K option so even if you are not a distance runner or just want to break into running feel free to come walk/jog/walk or just walk and have a BLAST with everyone else.
5 - Getting into the "racing circuit" is a fun adventure for the soul!  These people are looney!  This is one of the best ways to make new friends, try something crazy, and not feel like an outcast anymore.  Come join the craziest (and best) group of people I know.
6 - In case you missed the news - Hostess is closing it's doors.  I have a love/hate relationship with Hostess.   While I love the idea that one less temptation will be on the shelves, I too will mourn the loss of my occasional Chocolate Donette.  I think this race is a great way to memorialize the loss of an American Icon.
7 - There is a Hostess with the Mostest award (or something like that)  where the person who eats the most treats gets an award.  YUCK!  (or YUM,  if your name is Cherie Santiago - last year's winner and a friend of mine.
8 - It's December.  You need to get out and do something active!
9 - Cory Reese is a good guy.
10 - you might see me hurl.

So go ahead - there is no shame in it.  try the half marathon or the 5K!
It is a serious party!

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