Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Phazes "no equipment" workouts...

Studies have shown that an hour of running on a treadmill at 70-80% max HR  OR   working on High intensity exercises (like Burpees, push-ups and other types of Metabolic resistance training exercises) for 20-40 seconds with 10-20 seconds rests for just 10-30 minutes will give the same wieght loss - fat burning and calorie burning as long cardio.  BUT....  Overall muscle endurance, stamina, energy, and strength is ONLY improved with the second form of exercises - NOT long cardio.  ALSO, those who have worked on creating stronger bodies (not just leaner) have less struggles keeping weight off than those who only do cardio.

While I happen to be a huge fan of running, I am also a BIGGER fan of short burst workouts that give me greater results for improved muscle and form. Let's face it, I look better when I am not just skin and bones - plus I can move the couch without any help.  My back is strong, I can lift, I can pull.  It's a matter of functioning better as a human being.

The Phazes Circuit is a body weight based, Metabolic resistance training circuit.  It's short - only about 30 minutes.  But you can decide your intensity level with the help of a trainer and get the workout you need to give you the best results possible.

There is no fancy equipment in a Phazes Studio.  Just exercise posters around the room a timer and a trainer to guide you in proper form for each exercise you do.  You might use a jump rope, swiss ball, TRX, Pull-up station, or weights.  But unlike those big box gyms the first thing you see is not a bunch of expensive equipment, it's an empty floor - waiting for you, and a trainer ready to help.  That is the best fitness tool you will ever get!

Have you come in to try the Phazes circuit yet?  It just might surprise you.

Check out our locations in St. George and Hurricane Utah.

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