Sunday, December 16, 2012

celebrate EVERY milestone!

No matter how small - every step counts!  One person might be shooting to complete a 100 mile race or an Ironman.  While another client is literally working on being able to walk across the room unassisted.  YOUR milestone is YOURS!

Do not ever think that just because you can't do something someone else is doing today that you are less worthy.  Every step needs to be recognized and celebrated. 

*Yesterday I completed my 4th half marathon without any knee pain.  4 years ago I passed out walking around the block. 

*Tyann (a friend and an instructor at Phazes) finished the half marathon in half the time it took me to complete it.  She got first place (again)  She is amazing and it is fun to watch her speed and strength. 

*One Client did her first 5K

*Another Client in her 40's called to tell me she can put her cane down and walk unassisted across the room for the first time in many years.  (I cried)

All of these accomplishments are reasons to celebrate!

I celebrate ALL OF YOU doing more today than you did yesterday.  Welcome to LIVING!
 - Michelle

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