Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Holiday Season winners!

Phazes Thursday night 8:00pm Zumba class is cancelled this week to make time for Video taping a Dance Fitness Video!  The clients that have EARNED this video free have participated in an attendance challenge we had through the holidays - by coming to work out at Phazes a minimum of twice a week during the Holidays.
Video winners: We had 15 winners that get the video free
Treasa Anderson,
Britney Biggs,
Ellen Darger,
Dixie Hirschi,
David Isom,
Shirlene Joe,
Sol Jordan,
Aimee Langston,
Jenny Leavitt,
Suzanne Lyttle,
Stephanie Peck,
Michelle Smith,
Nicole Stout,
Susie Stout,
April Suwyn.

Those that earned a spot in the video are:

If you believe you earned the video or the opportunity to be featured in the video and do not see your name here, please call or e-mail.

Good job on continuing during the holiday season.

We will be taping on Thursday night at 8:00pm instead of having a Zumba class.

If you did not earn the video free you will be able to purchase a copy of the video from Tyann Clark very soon.  We will get pricing details to you ASAP.

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