Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Viking Guy...

My husband Bill is a great guy.  He's such a good sport.  But he is a MAN of a MAN!  He loves to lift weights and kayak and Stand up Paddle and Skate.  I convinced him to try Yoga.  :)  I smile as I think of this burly guy grunting to try and touch his touch.  He now calls it "Viking Yoga".  Anything that seems graceful and nice and flowing... just add Bill and it becomes a VIKING class!

Bill quit dancing with me soon after we were married.  Like a lot of men he decided he won his woman and there was no need for dancing publicly anymore.  We ladies LOVE a guy that will dance with us.  AND SO... Bill is joining us for ZUMBA on Valentine's day...
Hence... VIKING ZUMBA!  Here we go!  Thanks Bill for this fun poster!  OK guys, the manliest man I know is joining in and we are going to have an AWESOME fun night.  Come join us!

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