Monday, March 25, 2013

WIN $150.00!!

Ok folks, Phazes is hosting it's first ever fitness challenge. Total prize money is $150! Here's what you do: 1 - sign up by paying $15.00 (cash or check ONLY - no credit cards this time around) 2 - Read the e-mail given to you 3 - keep track of points for actions you take to improve your health 4 - try the Phazes 30 minute circuit a minimum of 2 times a week (or attend bootcamp) 5 - report your points on Monday every week to Michelle 6 - WIN PRIZES for your efforts We will track your results - but this is NOT a weight loss challenge, anyone, any fitness level can participate and improve. There are no age or size limitations. Want to sign up? stop by Phazes and get registered now! Contest will be April 1st - June 3rd Just in time to get in shape for Summer. Get ready to make that change and commit today!

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