Thursday, April 25, 2013

4 weeks is a jump start
8 weeks is body changing
12 weeks is life changing!

"The best thing that happened to me during 4 weeks of Bootcamp is that I went from 123.6 to 121.6, my waist went down an inch, my hips went down 2 inches.  I can run longer and work harder and stronger than ever!"
 - Heather Johnson
April 2013

"Bootcamp was AWESOME!  I needed that extra motivation to workout and this was exactly the piece I needed.  I got results and lost inches in just 4 weeks!  I am happy with that."
 - Cinda Terry

"I did 2 rounds of Bootcamp.  My endurance is so much better than ever.  I feel more energized and accomplished"
 - Chalein Cox

"What I liked most about Bootcamp is the energy I have now and getting the feeling of accomplishment every day.  When I started I could only do 6 pushups in a minute.  Now I can do 20.  It is amazing to see the progress"
- Samantha Thayer

"I have so much more energy.  I am stronger!  I feel better about myself and am much happier all around in my day to day living."
 - Tammi Mendoza

"I KNOW I gained muscle because my legs and arms are tighter and FEEL stronger and I am faster than I used to be.  I loved the gained friendships - it helped me get up every morning knowing there were people waiting for me to workout with them.  I really loved being held accountable to everything I ate."
 - Megan Hanks

"I got a lot stronger!  I can see my muscles now and I feel GOOD.  I have more energy and am eating a lot better."
 - Mary Hallewell

There are 2 AMAZING Trainers - Matt Clifford and Michelle Ennis, to bring you the best results possible.  Get stronger, faster, leaner!  

1st 4 weeks: $120
2nd round $105
3rd round $90
Phazes Members get half price!
Sign up 2 friends and get your next round FREE!
Sign up one friend and get your next round 1/2 price!

We start Monday! Sign up now by e-mailing and we will contact you with everything else.

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