Food is awesome.  I love food.  Eating can be an emotional release.  Have you ever bitten into something that sends a wave of...  well, for lack of any better word... "energy" through your entire body?  Have you taken a bit of something that nourished you all the way to your toenails?  There are MANY times I have made me something to satisfy my hunger that was nutritious and after I took my first bite I could feel it tingle in my fingertips.  It was as if my body was saying "THANK YOU!!!"

I remember one time listening to an educator on emotional eating as he was teaching us how to enjoy our food more fully without guilt.

We each took one raisin and put it in our mouths and had to just keep chewing it and feel all the textures and enjoy it on every part of our tongue.  After... like FOREVER.... He finally allowed us to swallow the raisin.  It was weird - yes, true.  But weird is sometimes really great.

You do not have to feel guilty about food. BUT... Learn to enjoy new foods in new ways and REALLY enjoy them!  Find foods that add nourishment and fuel to your body and take some time to sit down and eat it bite by bite.

I am guilty of rushing from one thing to the other and jamming food down my mouth as quick as possible so that eating doesn't get in the way of all the BUSY-ness in my life.  When I find the time to enjoy my food, I feel more nourished and full not empty and lacking.

Today, find a food that your body needs and take an extra minute or two to really enjoy it.  When you do this what happens is that you get in control of your cravings, you feel more full, you need to eat less to feel that "ahhhh... comfort"  feeling (you know what I'm talking about).  AND most of all - you really learn to live again.

 Look at all the amazing food you could be enjoying guilt free:

So what food are you going to enjoy - guilt free today?