Dirty liars!

I hate self doubt.  I take part in weekend Obstacle course training with Tyann Clark when I can.  I found that sometimes what seems impossible at first becomes completely doable over time.  I have a fear of heights.  climbing that darn wall scared me.  It seems so silly now to me that trying to get over that wall  that is now easy for me, was something that I looked at and wondered if I had it in me to do it?  what excuses could I make up to get myself out of looking like a fool if I couldn't do it?  NOW.. that wall is just a wall that needs to be climbed - so I do it. NOW.. that wall is easy for me.  Then there was that cement hoist.  I remember the first time trying to lift that stupid cement block off the ground.  I pulled and pulled and leaned back.  I looked at that cement monster that was only halfway up to the goal point and I muttered the words "I can't do it."  I was lucky to have 2 trainers on my case that day, Tyann Clark and Matt Clifford both got right on that and would not let me say it ever again.  "Yes you can Michelle! you are almost there!"  part of me wanted to punch them and the other part of me was like... if tiny Tyann can do this, I should be able to... right? I got some good coaching and now days I grab that hoist and do it without thinking about it.  It used to be hard enough that I thought it impossible.  Carrying tires uphills, pulling stacked tired, flipping tires, carrying sandbags.... holy cow.... Tough stuff that I didn't think I could do at one point in time.  Now, it's the rope climb that has got me working hard to fight harder.  Like I said, I am afraid of heights - number one, and number 2... I have not done a lot of Pull-up style exercises while healing my elbow and my upper body strength is lacking in that area.   BUT... I tried... I sucked.  didn't get far that first day.  Back at my studio, I started adding more Pull-up variations to my workouts and working on back strength as well.  The next time I did the rope climb I got even further than before, but slipped and hurt myself.  The last time I attempted it... Ok.... So I didn't get to the top.  I freaked out a little thinking about the fall... But I got closer than I ever thought I could and now, I can see myself getting to the top next time.  It is now DOABLE!  NOT IMPOSSIBLE!  And That is exciting!   ALSO.... 4 years ago this lady (me) could not even WALK around the block without passing out.  In October I will be doing my first ever marathon!
 So how does this translate to you?   

It's time to put the lies aside.  You are capable of more than you know.  Some things take more time than others.  Some things take extra training.  Sometimes you need someone to just tell you that you are capable.  Try something that challenges you past your limits every day.  Do one more pushup or pull up.  Run or walk another mile than you thought you could.  Resist that temptation you know you need to kick.

You are awesome!  You are Strong!  Little by little YOU can conquer ANY obstacle you decide to conquer!  Some things just take more time than others, But it is possible!