The dog ate your homework too?

It's amazing what we will choose to make time for in our lives.  working out really does NOT have to take much time at all!  If you are used to getting in your car, driving to a gym and doing a 90 minute workout, then, yeah.... it can take some time.  BUT research has shown that short higher intensity burst of just a few minutes a day of body weight training, no equipment necessary workouts can be extremely effective.  The Phazes Circuit is based around that philosophy.  Just 12-36 minutes depending on what you can do, and how much time you have is all you need.... really.

If you don't have "time" to get to the Studio... try this quick workout every day:
 - 5 pull- ups (jump ups or negatives or body weight rows if you have something to use for pull-ups, if not - don't stress it.  I have used the edge of a table for body weight rows before.  It's a little tricky and if you difficulty with exercise or balance might not be the exercise for you.  If not.... just hold on to the edge of your table, slide your feet under the table so you are facing up to the table, lower your body til your arms are straight, then while holding onto the edge of the table, pull yourself up keeping your body in a straight line. - does that make any sense?)
- 10 lunges on each leg
 - 15 Pushups  (wall, knee or full or decline)
 - 20 Squats  or squat jumps (or 10 stand up and sit down "practice")
- 25 Sit ups or crunches (or chair crunches if you can't get on the ground)
 - 30 jumping jacks (or half jacks)

Repeat as many times as you want/ have time for.  Maybe one time is all you can handle or you are in a hurry to get somewhere today.  I could think of other exercises that take more equipment, but I think anyone, with any budget, living situation or circumstance, deserves a chance at a great workout.  Sometimes all you really need is direction.  Good luck to you!