Exciting news!

As was announced last summer, Michelle Ennis sold the Phazes studio in Hurricane to Nikki Revis.  To clarify a few things, Michelle still owns the name Phazes Fitness.  Nikki owned the studio and had the right to change the name of the studio while Michelle retained the right to continue developing the Phazes fitness circuit program.  I hope that makes sense.

SO there is a very distinct split in the 2 identies:

Phazes Fitness will have it's primary focus on the Phazes 40/20 12 week transformation online and in studio workout programs.  This is a fitness program that personal trainers and studios (Like RevvFitness) can offer to benefit their clients and get financial benefit from.  It also will be available online for individuals worldwide to do at home.  For more information on this, just keep watching this page or visit RevvFitness Studio to check out the program in person. 
(More studios offering this to come)
RevvFitness is everything personal training, group fitness, challenges, and more!
ALL the things that Phazes Studio used to offer, is still offered at RevvFitness. 
Go to their website for more information.