Saturday, October 16, 2010

Due to company re-structuring, Stephany Llewellyn and Phazes are sadly parting ways. We will miss her terribly. She was a great asset to Phazes and a wonderful trainer. Thanks also to her husband, Jason, for his time and efforts in making improvements to our location.

We wish to bid Stephany Llewellyn a fond farewell as she leaves Phazes. We wish her the best on her pregnancy and hope she has a safe and wonderful delivery when the time comes.

You will notice a few other adjustments in the next few months. We hope you will continue to enjoy your time with Phazes and our great trainers, Cherie (bootcamp, phaze to 5K and studio), Peggy (Studio), Michelle (Studio, Bootcamp and Zumba), Jessica and Britany (Zumba), and Kim, Cathy, and Shandi (bootcamp). We will provide you with excellent service and assist you in your fitness needs and goals.

Changes that you will see soon: New Circuit Classes, New structure for Remote Accountability Tracking, New Bootcamp workouts and setup, New Weekly Workouts and menus revamped, renergized and re-done! I am SOOO excited to be bringing these changes. Sit tight! It will take a couple of months to get everything in place. Hope you enjoy!

_ Michelle