Friday, December 27, 2013

Is Bootcamp for you?

Phazes Bootcamp is an intense fitness program designed to help you cut fat and get a strong lean body.  Our workouts and trainers are fun! We want you to have a BLAST while you BLAST fat!
In good weather we take our workouts outdoors and use your surroundings and your own body weight.  During cold months we are (mostly) indoors so your lungs don't freeze, because we care.

Bootcamp is for people ready to commit to better habits, track their food, and get their butt kicked every day!  This is not designed as a drop in fitness class that you won't be missed if you choose not to come every day.  When you sign up for Bootcamp you sign up to commit with your trainer and the rest of the crew that you WILL be there for them and for YOU as well.  Skipping out because you just didn't feel like coming isn't an option like it is in a typical gym and other box gym settings.  When you sign up for Bootcamp, you just paid your personal trainers for prepaid training time and said you would be there.  So YOU WILL BE THERE!

If you aren't ready to commit, go to the fitness classes that won't miss you and won't require more out of you.  If you are ready to change, be accountable, and really see something happen... Bootcamp is for you!

Phazes Members get half price on Bootcamps!

If you do...

* a full year *  AKA:  The "whose that gurl? transformation... You could expect the kind of transformation reserved for those late night infomercials.  You know the ones where you think they swapped the "before" person out with a fitness model for the "after" photo.  You would have lifetime habits that never go away. Plus you might be our next top bootcamp trainer.  You would be a fat burning machine and have the kind of body you only dreamed about.
= $960 for a year or $80/month 12 month eft contract

Wendy S. on her first Day of Bootcamp

A year later She needs a new wardrobe
Wendy Shows of her size 6 jeans.  her goal was to get to a size 12.  She Blasted that Goal out of the water.


* 3 months *  AKA "the transformation" .... you could expect the awesome 90 day transformation of a tighter leaner body.  It's the type of training you would do to prepare for a wedding day or swimsuit season.
Plan for that moment you are hoping to get in shape for.
= $300 or $100/month eft 3 month contract


* 4 weeks (one month) * of Bootcamp you could expect a jumpstart.  4 weeks is a start.  You will cut fat and see changes.  You will be able to do more and notice changes.   Get ready to jumpstart your world!
 = $120

What if I just want to drop in here and there?   While Bootcamp wasn't designed for Drop ins, we want you to be able to get the awesome workout even if your life doesn't allow for a full 5 day a week commitment.  Drop in rates are $10/class or a 10 punch for $100

To register for Bootcamp e-mail with the subject "Sign me up"
again prices:

(Phazes members get 50% off)
Annual commitment aka "whose that gurl?" = $960 ($80/month 12 month eft)

3 Month transformation = $300 ($100/month 3 month eft)

4 week jumpstart = $120

Drop in for flakes that can't commit (I say that with a smile and lovingly) = $10/class or $100/10 punch pass

More Bootcamp photos to enjoy....

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

the 411 on the 40:20

I have been working on developing the Phazes Circuit program for many years.  Fine tuning and tweaking an exercise program that is convenient, safe and effective for anyone at any fitness level.  I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun, Crossfit, Curves, Insanity, P90X all the workout videos you can imagine, every fitness class I could get into, personal trainers and a variety of bootcamp style trainings.
I worked in a gym setting as a group fitness instructor and a personal trainer.  In all of these settings, I was just not completely sold on any program.  I studied for a long time before I settled on what needed to be done to solve all the issues I had with so many other programs.

Some Programs were great at pushing at High intensity, but lacked a starting place for REAL beginners.  Some were too competitive and created an environment that belittled others, Some were great for beginners but had no place to grow to as you achieved more.  Some were just inconvenient. I hated when people came in late and cold to a group fitness class and jumped into the middle without a proper warm up.  I hated Fitness classes that caused soreness so bad that clients couldn't walk for a week.  I hated the meat market at the gym and the waste of time going from machine to machine for 90 minutes.  In fact I hate 90 minute workouts in general - just because It's hard for me to find 90 minutes.  I also found workout videos were easy to turn off, Personal trainers were too expensive for the average Joe, and many gyms only have staff that have a great smile and are there to sell you something, not help you get results.

What I found I really liked in other fitness programs I tried:
I liked... having a trainer available included in the cost of the program that could correct your form.  I liked convenience of coming in when I could - not a set class schedule.
I liked Body weight based exercises that challenged the entire body.
I liked progression.
I like short intense workouts that could be done in under 30 minutes.
I liked changing workouts and not doing the same exercises every time.
I liked getting a workout mastered and not having it changed TOO soon on me either.
I liked being accountable and I liked being challenged.
I like paying Gym membership prices for everything I liked.
I liked REAL starting places for SUPER beginners.
I liked feeling like MY workout was good enough for me - not some competition.

I couldn't find what I liked out there anywhere.  So I created it.

The Phazes 40:20 circuit has been known by many names over the years.
But no matter what the name, the 40:20 circuit is the best workout for about 90% of the population.

Why 40:20?  Well, you do an exercise for 40 seconds and rest or get ready for the next exercise for 20 seconds.
There are 12 stations around the Phazes Studio, or 12 exercises on our videos of the 40:20 workout.  You will do each exercise on YOUR fitness level.  At Phazes we help you modify or challenge yourself to get YOUR workout.  There is no RX or prescribed Numbers or weight to be doing.  You do what challenges YOU - not the beast that created the workout.  Maybe you can do more maybe less?  As long as you are getting a great workout - that is what matters.  Pushing to someone else's idea of where you should be working at before you are ready is a recipe for exercise induced injuries.

The Different Levels or Phazes of the 40:20 circuit are:
Gold 1: for someone with extreme difficulty with exercise, cannot get on the ground. might have a lot of joint issues, etc...
Gold 2: the second beginner level. Can get on the ground, but still lifting lighter weights and being cautious of joints, no high impact movements.
Amp 1: Easily gets up and down, ready to start pushing to heavier weights and more high impact moves.
Amp 2:  An athlete, loves heavier weights, loves to jump, does Pushups on toes easily and can hold their own body weight.
Challenge:  This is the elite athlete that LOVES that push me til I puke feeling.  heavy weights, more variations on exercises that include High impact and increased weight. We got you.

The 40:20 circuit is worth checking out.  do as many rounds as you have time for or that you can handle.  As each level gets more and more easy, go to the next level and challenge yourself to see what you can accomplish.

the great thing about the 40:20 circuit is that you can always back off on any area that needs a little attention.  Such as, if you injured your shoulder or knees and need to be more cautious... there is an option for you as you continue your workout, you can do the lower intensity levels.  Since the environment is NON competitive, you will be more likely to be cautious when needed.  but Since you have a trainer watching you, you will still be working hard without giving up.

The GOLD circuit hour is a time we ask our AMP level and elite athletes to not come into the Studio.  It's a time we reserve for those that have difficulty with exercise.  We welcome ALL of you to come check it out.

If there is not a Phazes Studio near you and you want to do the 40:20 circuit or get started on the Phazes Challenge program, you can do it online!  The Phazes 40:20 workout is now sent to all Phazes Members!  It's easy to get started, just sign up on the link to the left (Class schedule here) and go to the online store to sign up.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween... wierd holiday I admit.  I tell my kids to avoid sugar and then I send them out with monster sized bags and we bag for candy... from strangers... that I tell them not to talk to or take candy from.  Crazy crazy day.  BUT... I do it!  I must be a monster hypocrite right?  Well... I read these two articles this week and it got me thinking....

Two interesting articles:
One about a woman handing out "letters" to fat kids instead of candy (while she gives "skinny" kids candy?)  Here:

This article is a response to her letter from someone that has lost weight and cleaned up their diet and is still handing out candy  :

Where do I stand?
I like to have fun.  I like a good treat.  I like a good party.  SO... YES, I do go out and take my kids trick or treating.  I hand out candy to other people's kids no matter their size. "WHAT???   But Michelle, You seem to be a health nut.!"

I hear ya.   This does seem hypocritical and something I have had to think through every year for the past 5 years as I have sought better health while maintaining a "normal" life for my family.

Here are some ideas about how to cope with this Holiday and help your kids and yourself a little while still having a great time.

#1 - CHILL OUT!  Stress causes cortisol build up which produces belly fat.  Quit stressing about other people and other people's kids.  Just worry about YOU and your own family.  That is all you can do.

#2 - Load your house up with GOOD foods and make sure your regular meals are loaded with healing and disease fighting foods.  Foods and spices to keep around: Garlic, Ginger, Bananas, Oranges, Cayenne, Real Chicken soup (easy to make your own by the way!), Carrots, Onions. Berries (fresh if possible).  You know what?  I could go on and on about good food choices, But I will let you read more here:

Personally, tonight I am making a pumpkin soup loaded with garlic, onion, spinach, wildrice, mushrooms (shhhh... don't tell my 14 year old about the mushrooms), Turkey and... well...  loads of goodies.  I don't have a recipe, I make it up as I go.  Sorry.

#3 - If you have a serious problem with kids eating so much candy on Halloween - DON'T GIVE IT OUT!  Simple.  You can lock your door and put up a sign that says "We don't do Halloween, Go away!".  Our kids avoid houses that have the lights off and aren't decorated.  We just assume they don't do Halloween.  Simple.  OR  you can be THAT person that gives out pencils or spider rings or vampire teeth.  
 Or... Hey... why not apple slice  packets?  or Rice cakes?  I don't know.  Get creative.  Candy isn't the only thing in the world.  Sure some kids don't like it, But who cares????  They don't get to choose what you decide to purchase.  You do.  Just because everybody else is doing candy, doesn't mean you have to.  my kids love bouncy balls and vampire teeth longer than they love the tootsie rolls.

#4 - Go DO STUFF!  Why not either limit or skip the trick or treat and go do the corn maze or haunted house.

#5 - Plan a party with games and fun! AND create good options for the kids.
You can even make "healthy - er" snacks.  What I mean by healthy-er is you don't have to just have a veggie tray, there are LOTS of options
Green Smoothies - call it "Monster juice".  My kids wouldn't try green smoothies until I called it Monster juice - 5 years ago.  Now they love it.
Spicy Popcorn - have you tried putting other spices on popcorn instead of butter and salt?  We have had Cajun popcorn, Southwest and Italian Popcorn.  Try something new.
There are TONS of ideas out there.  I am sure you can go onto pinterest and find Fun and healthy Halloween snacks.  It really can be a fun thing to do.  IN FACT, Kids will love getting involved and planning with you and preparing the food.  Let them create their own banana ghost pop. Here are just a couple of sites that have great ideas:

Seriously, all I did was google "Healthy Halloween snacks"  and LOADS of creative people out there have already done the hard work for me.  Thank heaven for creative people that share their ideas online!  Love them!

#6 - If/When your kids do go trick or treating, ration out their candy for them!  No really.  I do this every year.  I go through their candy with them (and take the candy tax they owe me as their mother that I keep for me).  We split up the candy.  They get to keep about 10 of their favorite pieces that they usually gobble immediately and then we load them up with garlic and veggie soups.  The second Pile is a small one.  It's my favorites that I take and put away for me.  I am admitting it.
But the 3rd pile is the key. It is the REST of the monster pile of candy.  Why do they need that much candy right now?  Flu season is approaching and giving my kids unlimited access to huge amounts of sugar is just ASKING for illness.  SO... we take the rest of the candy and put it in a bowl or other container and hide it away for special treats and awards for good deeds.  After a certain period of time and they have forgotten the hidden candy... I will either throw it away or take it into a dentist or care center or anyone else that wants to have candy around.  Maybe your local clergyman keeps a bowl of candy on his desk?  I know my Bishop does.  He can take my kids candy.  I am sure if you can't bare to throw it out, you can find someone that will put it to good use.  But rationing the amount of sugar they take all at once is critical.  Kids need parents to assist them in learning good habits.  Teaching your kids that they can eat as much sugar as they want and get sick probably isn't the best habit to build.

#7 - Don't forget to exercise!  It's amazing how many calories you can consume in a few pieces of candy.  This is the season of overdoing the calories and staying indoors and getting sick because of our poor habits.  GET UP, GET OUT, GET MOVING!

#8 - Know your own limitations.  Not all of us are made the same.  Some of us have addictive tendencies.  It's why some people can have a sip of alcohol and become an alcholic while others can stay in control and have a glass of wine at dinner every night.  I am not a drinker - period.  But just using this as an example since it is most widely understood as far as widely spread addiction.  Sugar addiction is very much the same.  There are those that can limit their consumption and be in control and others that take one bite and go CRAZY!!!  What are your tendencies?  Are you a sugar addict and need to avoid it completely or are you able to control your portions and take one piece and be content?  Decide in advance and be honest.  Create a plan of action according to your needs.  Do you need to bring the healthy snacks to the Party?  Do you need to throw out the candy?  Do you need to find other activities?  Be honest with yourself.  It might be a good year to start a new tradition and do something that doesn't involve sugar.

 I know my kids are at school right now getting loaded up on sugar.  You can bet I won't be adding to it at my house and stocking my own home with candy.  My 6 year old keeps asking me when I am going to buy candy.  I broke his little heart when I told him I won't be buying more candy.  Trust me.  He'll be fine.  We will do the trick or treating thing at other people's homes ... AFTER he's eaten a healthy dinner.

You know what?  I think I may start giving them a vitamin C and Garlic pill every morning from now til New Year's.
Hot tip to keep out of everything else:  YOU control what comes into your home and what YOU choose to allow for your family.  If you go to someone else's home, you may choose to enjoy what they have for you.  But once you get back in YOUR doors... what options does your family have?  Supply them with great food that heals and supports their health.

Just for fun:  I love this video... enjoy it...

They made nasty healthy snacks and have no idea how to do it right. It still makes me laugh.

Happy Halloween my friends!
Don't forget to sign up for the Holiday season round of bootcamp.  I have a feeling you and I will be needing it!
 - Michelle

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Phazes is getting a NEW LOOK!

We will be closed October 17 and 18th to give Phazes a WHOLE NEW LOOK!  We can't wait to show you what we have planned.  It's gonna be AWESOME!!!!
Sorry about any inconvenience this may cause some of you.  Also, there will be SMALL changes to the schedule following our re-opening on October 21st.  don't panic  - the changes ARE SMALL!  We have been doing a LOT of re-adjusting and changing over the past few months, but I think you will like what we have planned.  It's exciting!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hey Folks!  We are gearing up for ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!!

Get an entire month free at Phazes (or a $30 gift certificate for a friend) for winning this next contest....

Send us a video blog of YOU telling us why you LOVE the Phazes circuit.

The Phazes 40/20 circuit is a metabolic conditioning training program designed to give you great results in a short workout.

If you have done it and are willing to share with the world what you liked, Here is what you do:

1 - Take a video of yourself telling the world why you like the 40/20 Phazes circuit
2 - post that video to our facebook page.  Phazes Fitness LLC
3 - When your video is posted to facebook, share it with your friends, tell them to "like" the Phazes page and to "like" your video.
4 - the video with the most "likes"  WINS!!!!
5 - feel free to get creative and have fun with it.

This contest is from October 8th - October 22nd!  We will pick a winner October 22nd.

Michelle's Marathon update and 40th Birthday party review

I have another blog that shares more about my person journey from fit to unfit to fit again.  I recorded my marathon story there.  Here is the link if you would like to read it:

Michelle Ennis
Phazes Owner

Thursday, October 3, 2013

WIN $100!!

Phazes is giving away $100 every month!
Want it?
Here you go:
Another Wellness Challenge is coming up and we START MONDAY!
The dates are October 7- November 1st.

It's better than ever!
What was once an 8 week challenge has gone down to 4 weeks!
You now have more chances to win.  You have less time to stay focused (which we know just is rough after 5 weeks.... we all start to drift)  So JUST FOUR WEEKS!  YAY!
and instead of giving away $150 every 8 weeks, we now give away $100 every month!!!!!

Ok... that is cool...

Congratulations to the winner of the previous round: September winner....
Jessica Mees!  WAY TO GO!

She lost 40 pounds!!!
So impressive!  Jessica has worked HARD, but look at that smile!  she deserves the reward.  Holy cow, this lady has persevered and pushed every day to be as amazing as she is.  It's awesome and inspiring to be able to work with her.
Jessica comes to the Phazes circuit Monday- Friday, plus adds in her personal workouts and has really cleaned up how she eats.  She has also been bringing her kids with her at night to do the workout with her while her little guy watches movies in the back room.  Jessica says her goal is to win $1200 dollars in the next year and keep going as well as add on Bootcamp in January.  I say she can do it!

Other winner have been:
August 2013 - Ellen Darger - improved her energy levels and gained strength.  She loved that the challenge helped her to take time for herself.

And Callie Lowery won the first $150 Phazes gave away for June and July 2013.  she dropped loads of weight and inches and looks amazing!  Plus she needed that money for new clothes.

The wellness challenge is NOT about weight loss.  ANYONE can do it!  It's about rewarding you for doing things you have control over and changing habits.

You get points for things like:
 - exercising
- drinking water
- getting enough sleep
- taking time just for you
- getting outdoors
ANYONE ANY SIZE can win this challenge!

It's not about a number, it's about being rewarded for good choices.

EVERYONE gets their name entered into weekly drawings for gift cards and other prizes.

other participants have seen weight loss, increased energy, improvement in mood, and are just feeling better all around!  come be a part of the all over wellness challenge!

sign up by clicking on the class schedule link and going to the online store.
the wellness challenge is just $10.00!

Look better, feel better, be better and WIN BIG DOING IT!

Just $10!!
sign up today!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Linsey's story

 It wasn't until after I got married in November 2010 that my unhealthy habits started catching up to me. I gained about 15 pounds in our first year of marriage and added another 60+ pounds during my first pregnancy. Our son Levi was born in June of 2012, but 9 months later I was still wearing my maternity jeans. I was unhealthy in so many ways, and it was manifesting itself in my energy level and self esteem.
  In March of 2013, I was ready to make a change. I had a membership at Phazes for a few months, but I didn't seem to have the will power to make it there. I always had an excuse. I was too tired, too busy, or needed to spend more time with my husband. Fitness and health seemed so overwhelming to me. I felt powerless. I didn't think I had the will power to really change my eating habits, or exercise regularly, and I didn't even know where to start. I knew I needed some kind of structure and a little push to get me going. I heard about the Health Challenge at Phazes and decided I would try it. 
 The first week on the challenge was hard. I craved sugar constantly, and I was dying to go back to the way I was used to eating. I dreaded going to work out, and had to really push myself to make it in to do the circuit, or the classes. One week was all it took for me to notice the difference simple changes could make in my overall well being. I suddenly had energy! The sugar cravings stopped, and workouts were less daunting. I became a better, happier mother and wife. From then on it was like a snowball effect; the more I did, the better I felt, and so I wanted to do even more. I finally had the discipline and self control that I had thought was unattainable, and I know it sounds cliché, but I really felt like I could take on the world! By the end of 8 weeks, I had lost almost 20 pounds, and (sorry I don't remember how many inches anymore. its in my fitness assessment I think). But I wasn't about to stop there. I could see and feel the changes in my body and in my attitude towards life, and I had a new found passion for health and fitness.
 I have gone to Phazes consistently in the months following the end of the challenge, and I continue to get stronger, and to feel better. I have now lost almost 40 pounds in the last 6 months, and who knows how many inches, but I have learned that it is all in the little victories. Like not being embarrassed to be seen in your swimsuit, conquering that hike you have been avoiding, or even being able to carry in that case of bottled water that you would usually rely on your husband to move. Phazes was with me at the beginning of my journey, and they are with me now. Not only did they help me learn how to exercise efficiently, they also educated me about healthy food choices. The exercises in the cross conditioning circuit are always challenging, but doable and the trainers are always there to answer questions, and to motivate and encourage. Exercises and activities that scared me before are now easy and I can't wait to keep moving forward in my health and fitness journey. 
 Thanks a ton!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pure Neglect.

Pure neglect - someone was asking about testimonials, and I had not put mine in yet! Two years ago, I went from 11 pullups to 20 in just three weeks of working with Phazes. It helps to have a trainer that works with you on both form and intensity when you are targeting fitness goals.

More recently, due to a pair of arm-wrestling wins that I enjoyed for a moment, I injured my elbows. I'm still feeling it, almost 8 months later. Nice victory lap. Now that time and deep-tissue ligamentary healing are well under way, I'm starting to build up my upper body strength. Within two weeks, I'm back to 25 dips and climbing, having started at just 10-12. Elbows feel good! Thanks Phazes! - Bill

Friday, September 6, 2013

It's time to change your life and your body!

It's time once again to get signed up for BOOTCAMP!  4 weeks of change to a more fit, lean, stronger, faster, you!  This program is LIFE CHANGING!  You will have a workout buddy to keep you going, food journals, notebooks to track your progress, Before and after fitness assessments that are based on actions, rewards, games, fun!, finisher t-shirt, multiple qualified and experienced bootcamp trainers, a new chalenging workout every day, sweat, moments of glory, teamwork, amazing days, and self confidence booster! Watch your body transform! while you transform your entire life!  Get signed up today!  Click here to register NOW!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Questions? I have answers...

Hey Guys, this is Michelle writing to you....

There have been a LOT of changes at the Phazes studio. With change come rumors, and with rumors comes misinformation. Today I had THREE people ask me the same questions, so I am going to address all of your questions and try and quiet the crazy rumors flying around!

Several times this week I have had someone ask if and when Phazes was shutting down the group fitness classes.  Phazes IS NOT SHUTTING DOWN GROUP FITNESS!  I know how this rumor started and the start of this rumor has caused a few casualties.

How it all started...
Several weeks ago, I sat down and decided I needed to be able to actually write myself a paycheck for the first time in over a year.  I needed to find out what makes money and what loses Phazes money.  Money lost mean business fails and shuts down which means, lost jobs and programs for people that trusted themselves into my hands.  I had to make some tough calls about programs to promote and what our schedule and staffing looked like.

I have been stretched thin across 2 businesses and multiple programs within those businesses.  I needed to see my kids more often and be a mom, AND I needed to get paid for once.
Some of the solutions I came up with were:
1 - Dump unit #2 that holds the large babysitting room and go down to a smaller room and save the business over $700/month.
2 - Take the Circuit Group Fitness format of BODY SLAMTM to the city community center in addition to the studio to if it can be successful with a different audience.
3 - Find a business partner or other arrangement to assist in managing the group fitness and studio end of the business so I can have more time to be a mom.

As I was working on exploring these options, someone told "Trainer A" that I was dropping group fitness.  "Trainer A" assumed a lot and accused me of falsehoods. The more I tried to explain what happened and was needed to happen the worse our relationship became. Things were said that should probably not have been, and I had to let her go.

"Trainer A" quickly had a solution for herself and went to another fitness company and told them she could bring her trainers and her clients to them. They all - trainers and the other fitness business - of course jumped right on it, which in turn caused even more people to think Phazes dropped group fitness making the rumor worse than it already was in the first place.  I want to reasuure you - THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

We DO have a NEW schedule and NEW trainers, but just like any fitness businesss, just because a few trainers leave for what they see as greener pastures, it doesn't mean the original business shuts its doors.  Phazes has never been about ANY ONE OR TWO trainers!  It's about finding the right solution to meet your goals and providing you with a variety of paths to better fitness and health. We will do that no matter what trainers come and go over the years.

Since this parting we have brought in new instructors and hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.  I decided to hold off on teaching any classes at the community center (which would have given me a paycheck immediately) so I could focus on Phazes again. I am working with a manager/partner solution that will help us to maintain, improve, and expand our programs and quality at our Hurricane location, and eventually offer those programs in different ways in additional areas.
We have had a few bumps past month, but I embrace those bumps as learning moments and opportunities for re-evaluation .  We are in this for the long haul and have a wide group of trainers to pull from for other classes and programs.  Success comes with occasional bumps along the way.

Phazes will uphold it's end of your contract! Classes and teachers may change at any moment, but Phazes will keep going and providing you with what we promise. Our commitment is to you, the clients!  Phazes is not going anywhere unless that anywhere is to better pastures for you, our clients.

As we get all classes finalized and trainers put in the right days and times, we appreciate you patience with this transition.  Losing so many trainers at once is hard for a small studio, but it makes room for new faces and new talent to come in.

Here are some fun offering Phazes still has:
YOGA!  Monday at 8:00pmTUESDAY at 9:15am, and FRIDAY at 10:30am
ZUMBA! Monday and Friday at 9:15am Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00pm and WEDNESDAY at 10:30am or 7:30pm!  (there are some new times there!)
PILATES!  Thursday at 9:15am
BODY SLAM! Wednesdays at either 9:15am or 8:30pm

PLUS... in addition to that other offerings:
RETREAT!  SUP and fitness retreat for 3 days coming in October the weekend of October 12th
Bootcamps!  4 week intensive training to change your life!  next one starts September 16th!
SUP (Stand up Paddle) fitness and Yoga by appointment
AND finally...
BEACH BOOTCAMPS!  Watch the schedule for your opportunity get outside and try this fun new program in the sand and surf of Sand Hollow!

Many thanks and much success as we work together to meet your fitness goals!
- Michelle Ennis

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NEW SUP Fitness Retreats!

3 day retreats in southern Utah.
Escape. Relax. Workout on the beach of Sand Hollow.  Learn.  Stand up paddle.  Hike. SUP Yoga.  SUP paddle clinics.
Race! (if you want)
Phazes Fitness and Dig Paddlesports will be hosting 3 Retreats a year in conjunction with the Triple threat SUP race series.
The first event is coming Thursday October 10th Through Sunday morning October 13th
Thursday evening: Arrivals Dinner and welcome party.  Fun Paddle on the lake
Friday : Early morning beach bootcamp. group Hike in Zion canyon, Paddle clinic, Beach party and entertainment.
Saturday: SUP triple threat race day.  Join in the race or just watch.  your fees are covered.  1 mile, 2.5 miles or 5 miles.  Or just enjoy the fun of the party.  SUP Yoga.   After Party

Your registration fees cover your meals, lodging at Sand Hollow resort and all activities and board rentals as well as personal training by certified experts.

register here for the fall 2013 retreat:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I love the Community Garden...

Phazes has joined forces with the Community garden and Hurricane High School's FFA (Future Farmers of America) club.  Each week The FFA and Community (Common Ground Hurricane Valley school and community garden).  Lisa Atkin oversees the Garden, Dustin Dayley leads the HHS FFA Club and The city of Hurricane is a sponsor of the program as well.  The program is teaching organic gardening and farming to the future of our country.  I couldn't be more excited about this whole endeavor.  Truly our nations health will be changed by programs like this.  For those of us that do not have access to land for our own garden or lack the time and means to plant and prepare our own soil and care for an organic Garden, The community garden is the perfect answer for us.

Each week the kids in the FFA harvest their produce and bring it over to PHAZES to sell at conventional prices!  What this means to you?
You do not have to pay more for organic food!  This is a great way to "get to know your farmer".  knowing exactly where you food comes from, what chemicals have been used and if the seeds have been genetically altered (none of which occurs at Common Grounds) is the best control you have over your daily food intake.  You have very little control  or knowledge of the farming methods used in bigger chain stores and what kind of farming methods are used to bring food to the shelves. This translates to how it sits on your body and the kind of illnesses you and your family may experience.

This is REAL Health reform!

So visit us every week -
MONDAYS 10:30-11:30am and get some REAL FOOD!

Funds raised go to support the community garden in seed, livestock, purchasing and care.  As well as support the FFA in their efforts to raise funds for the program.
It's a great thing all around for all of us!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's time for another Fitness challenge!

Ok folks, Phazes is hosting it's first ever fitness challenge. Total prize money is $150! Here's what you do:
 1 - sign up by paying $15.00 either in the shop or online at eventbrite
2 - Read the e-mail given to you
3 - keep track of points for actions you take to improve your health
4 - try the Phazes 30 minute circuit a minimum of 2 times a week (or attend bootcamp)
5 - report your points on Monday every week to Michelle
6 - WIN PRIZES for your efforts

We will track your results - but this is NOT a weight loss challenge, anyone, any fitness level can participate and improve. There are no age or size limitations. Want to sign up? stop by Phazes and get registered now! Contest will be Augst 5th - September 28th. Just in time to get in shape before the Holidays. Get ready to make that change and commit today!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why should I do bootcamp?

I client once asked me "Why should I pay so much more money for Bootcamp? I can exercise at home, I have video tapes and I can go to fitness classes.  Why do I need to do bootcamp?"

Hmmmm... valid questions.
Well, let's talk.  First of all, let it be known that I am not trying to sell people a product they don't need. So let's find out if you need it before I try and sell it to you.

Let's establish WHY people do bootcamp in the first place.  Bootcamp is a commitment.  It is not something you get to decide to skip once an a while because you are tired or don't feel like exercising.  It's an accountability program where someone is watching over what you eat and keeping you accountable for every bite that goes in your mouth.  You have an assigned buddy you are in charge of - if they don't show up, you do burpees.  If you don't show up - they do burpees (only the best form of fitness torture).

Who doesn't NEED bootcamp?  Anyone that already has a great fitness program that is getting them results, is eating a perfect diet, incorporates cardio, agility, strength and speed into their program.  Anyone that works out willingly 5-6 days a week without being reminded.  Anyone that does NOT need an extra push from an outside source to get better results.

What I see time and time again is someone says "oh man... I really need to make a life change and get in shape.  I would do bootcamp, but that is so early in the morning. instead of Bootcamp,  I'll just come to classes every day or do a workout video every day or do _______ (video exercise program for 60-90 days) and eat better."

sounds great.
3 months later and you are a no show at the fitness classes in the fitness studio and your workout videos at home have gathered dust,  You've turned off the videos when they got to hard, your diet consists of soda, fast food and processed foods almost daily and you feel like garbage and no one cares about it but you.
Where did you go?  Where was the commitment to getting better all around health?

YOU were the ideal bootcamp client.
You would have had a trainer and friends that CARED about your results,  you would NOT  have been unable to turn off the trainers when things got hard.  You would have had knowledgeable staff that could assist you with those aches and pains you felt instead of just giving up.  We would have been there for you.

When you pay a little more for bootcamp or ask how you can get your's free or half price,
and have that focus, you are less likely to make excuses and more likely to get the results you were hoping for.  YOU my friend, needed bootcamp.  Quite frankly it's the CHEAPEST training of it's kind around!

4 weeks of focus.  NOTHING gets in the way at 5:30am or 6:30am - No PTA meetings, Doctors appointments, Kids soccer games, etc...  Your buddy is waiting for you to show up.  You do NOT want them doing burpees because you weren't there today.  SO you go!  Your trainer is going to check your food journal, so you eat better.

So YOU GET RESULTS you have been making excuses for the past 3 months.  What excuse are you making now?

Click on the "outdoor bootcamp" page to find out more.

Don't put it off.  Sign up NOW!

Click here to register for 6:30-7:30am in Coral Canyon:
Click here to sign up for 5:30-6:30am in Hurricane :

Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy National Dance Day!

This July is FULL of dance and LOADS of ZUMBA!  One of my favorite things in life, is to turn the music up loud and just.... GO!  When I first started my journey back into health and was unable to afford a gym membership, unable to get away from my many kids and new baby, and I couldn't walk a block... guess what I did?

Did you guess?

Yup.  We danced together.  Me and my kids.  I would start by showing my kids videos of people breakdancing and I would turn the music up loud, clear the junk out from the middle of the floor... then we just let loose and had some fun.  We would try to mimic the movements of the videos on the computer.  Although I fail miserable as a breakdancer, it allowed me to feel joy, work up a "happy sweat" and it was tough.  Those were my first moments returning back.  Dance is my first love.  Sorry Bill Ennis, I loved Dance before I loved you.  It's true.  Bill Ennis knows how to dance and we would go dancing together as single punks in our early 20's with all our friends.  The guy tries to hide it now, but he has some mad dancing skills.... another way to win a woman's heart.  Because Bill could dance and was willing to bust a move... He had one more skill that won me over (his other skills work well too... like his voice and guitar playing, and creative talents...and more i love that man.....).  I digress... I got off track thinking about the OTHER biggest and most important love of my life.


So... yeah, dancing... Good times, good times...

When I found Zumba a few years ago, I saw an opportunity to go back to the joy of dance I had been missing now that I no longer hit the club scene or was dancing on stage anymore.  As a mom in a small conservative town... opportunities to really pour my heart into movement to a good beat had been limited to my own living room.  Zumba changed that for me.  I was a dance major in College with a minor in Chicano studies.  My college days in Southern California were filled with going out with my buddies from south of the
and all over the globe to various salsa, and latin dance clubs as well as a variety of night clubs all over the hottest part of LA and San Diego.  Zumba has brought me back to life by allowing me to continue what I had found a love for.  Latin culture (as well as other styles), music, friends and movement.

In July we have so many opportunities to get out there and really feel the music.

write these dates down please...
1 - Saturday July 13th - Kass Martin Master Zumba Class
Kass Martin is a Zumba celebrity instructor that has been featured on The Biggest Loser, Martha Stewart and QVC. She is coming back to The Warehouse Saturday, July 13th! Join us for a party that is going to make you sweat!
VIP: $30
Early Registration: $15
At the Door Registration: $20
register on eventbrite

2 - SUNDAY July 14th 8:00pm
video taping of a special dance number created by So You Think You Can Dance.  We are getting together with a bunch of dance and Zumba enthusiasts in southern utah and doing the dance SYTYCD choreographed for us and posted on You Tube for us to learn.  BUT... we are doing it to the music of "Blurred lines"  If you are interested in representing Phazes in this video taping event... contact Michelle Ennis.
SYTYCD video link. click here - this choreography

what song is Blurred lines? I hate the music videos... so here is a live show that is better. click here. - to this song

3- Saturday July 20 - New Instructor training for ZUMBA!
It's always fun to have your Zumba certification ready in case you want to start a new class somewhere, or want to Sub at Phazes or other gyms and clubs, or if we need a new instructor for a new class added.
SO get get certified!  It's right here in Southern Utah and that does not happen very often.
go to to register.

4 - Saturday July 20th 7:30-9:00pm - Zumba Sentao - special event!  It's another way to try Zumba - with a chair... I'm looking forward to finding out more about this.  This is a free class.  If you are interested in checking it out, let's go!
It at Trio fit 1812 West Sunset Boulevard, Building 2, Suite 12St. George, Utah 84770
in St. George
5 - Saturday July 27th...  This is the BIGGIE.... National dance day!
We are getting together with all the BIG names in Zumba in Southern utah and having a MASSIVE dance party!
8-10pm!  You will want to be a part of this event!  i will get you more details as I get them.  BUT, Phazes Zumba crew is going to be leading the throngs of 100's of screaing Zumba lovers - we will get our turn to lead a few numbers on stage.  Come learn the moves at our regular Zumba classes and then come join us on stage as we work it!  it's going to be a BLAST!\

Join in on the FUN!

Dancing is not just a great workout, it brings JOY!  dancing can bring world Peace.  I am sure of it.  :)
enjoy a few Videos of some of my favorite Zumba moments...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Food is awesome.  I love food.  Eating can be an emotional release.  Have you ever bitten into something that sends a wave of...  well, for lack of any better word... "energy" through your entire body?  Have you taken a bit of something that nourished you all the way to your toenails?  There are MANY times I have made me something to satisfy my hunger that was nutritious and after I took my first bite I could feel it tingle in my fingertips.  It was as if my body was saying "THANK YOU!!!"

I remember one time listening to an educator on emotional eating as he was teaching us how to enjoy our food more fully without guilt.

We each took one raisin and put it in our mouths and had to just keep chewing it and feel all the textures and enjoy it on every part of our tongue.  After... like FOREVER.... He finally allowed us to swallow the raisin.  It was weird - yes, true.  But weird is sometimes really great.

You do not have to feel guilty about food. BUT... Learn to enjoy new foods in new ways and REALLY enjoy them!  Find foods that add nourishment and fuel to your body and take some time to sit down and eat it bite by bite.

I am guilty of rushing from one thing to the other and jamming food down my mouth as quick as possible so that eating doesn't get in the way of all the BUSY-ness in my life.  When I find the time to enjoy my food, I feel more nourished and full not empty and lacking.

Today, find a food that your body needs and take an extra minute or two to really enjoy it.  When you do this what happens is that you get in control of your cravings, you feel more full, you need to eat less to feel that "ahhhh... comfort"  feeling (you know what I'm talking about).  AND most of all - you really learn to live again.

 Look at all the amazing food you could be enjoying guilt free:

So what food are you going to enjoy - guilt free today?