Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

I am the biggest wimp when it comes to cold weather workouts outdoors. I live in southern Utah where it rarely snows and the coldest it gets is sometimes in the tweens on SUPER cold January days. However, I grew up in Wyoming where it would start snowing in October and it would finally melt in June. In the winter months we were ecstatic when the temperature was over 0 so we could go outside and play. I remember donning shorts when it was 40 degrees and trying to get a tan. Man, I have become allergic to cold weather since I moved. In fact I am sitting next to a heater in my fitness studio while wearing 2 (make that 3) layers of clothes and gloves and a snow cap. it's about 30 degrees outside and about 50 in my studio. SO... I love working out - outdoors. But not when it's cold. I follow all the great fitness gurus of outdoor fitness. some dude runs barefoot in the snow in Colorado - seriously? I moved my outdoor bootcamp inside back in November and plan on keeping it indoors until March. The weather is nice here in southern Utah in comparison to Colorado, Wyoming and even Northern Utah and the rest of the northern States of the good ol USA. But I am wimpy. There I admitted it! I talk a big talk and encourage so much more from everyone. But let's get real... the biggest reason people gain weight in the winter months (besides all the fatty sugary foods and overeating binges) is that people stay indoors and eat next to the TV. RIGHT? Yes I am talking to YOU! SO... I was reading an article about how to work out outdoors in the winter months and the benefits of it. Did you know your body burns more calories when it's cold outside and you are active? it's true! In the attempt to keep your body temperature up, your systems work harder, burn more calories than you would if you did a workout in 75 degree weather. SO... go ahead and take that run. Bundle up with gloves and snow hat and 3 layers of pants and four sweaters and 2 pairs of socks and maybe some moon boots. and a scarf and whatever else you need to give you some insulation from sub zero degree weather (so glad I don't live in the snow right now as I write this). Here's the thing - you need to have some fun, right? life isn't as fun when all you do is watch TV and eat. It leads to depression and weight gain. Happy people get outdoors. it's as simple as that. I have been on a kick about trying to get people to do the right things - not for weight loss, but for joy and peace. weight loss comes when everything else is going right - sometimes slowly but IT'S OKAY! SO... You challenge this winter is to find a way to get outside daily and not just to get from your car to your house and vice verse. Talk a stroll with your dog at Lunchtime. Go to the park and play a round of basketball with your kids or old High school buddies. Or make some new friends and try a new sport. Ever tried Pickleball? me either. I'm going to learn though. Don't tell me kids but I am getting them a ball and rackets for Christmas and we are going to learn (they don't read my blog). Still don't want to go outside? do you really live in a place where you get frostbite on your nose when you step out the door? I get that. totally. How about this.... Do fun stuff - INDOORS. Yes, you have permission to wimp out on getting out in the blizzard to get a round of Tennis in. - Play wii dance party! or no wii - just do a dance party. - pull out the old game of twister and see if you still got it. - try Limbo? (don't hurt your back) - not into looking or acting silly like me? - get out your dusty workout videos and start your day with one (especially if you have kids hanging on you. It makes them even better!) What else? Oh put the chips down. Keep a dish of broccoli and celery and hummus out instead. Enjoy the Holidays. Enjoy your loved ones. smile. read a good book. Merry Christmas From Phazes!