Thursday, April 25, 2013

4 weeks is a jump start
8 weeks is body changing
12 weeks is life changing!

"The best thing that happened to me during 4 weeks of Bootcamp is that I went from 123.6 to 121.6, my waist went down an inch, my hips went down 2 inches.  I can run longer and work harder and stronger than ever!"
 - Heather Johnson
April 2013

"Bootcamp was AWESOME!  I needed that extra motivation to workout and this was exactly the piece I needed.  I got results and lost inches in just 4 weeks!  I am happy with that."
 - Cinda Terry

"I did 2 rounds of Bootcamp.  My endurance is so much better than ever.  I feel more energized and accomplished"
 - Chalein Cox

"What I liked most about Bootcamp is the energy I have now and getting the feeling of accomplishment every day.  When I started I could only do 6 pushups in a minute.  Now I can do 20.  It is amazing to see the progress"
- Samantha Thayer

"I have so much more energy.  I am stronger!  I feel better about myself and am much happier all around in my day to day living."
 - Tammi Mendoza

"I KNOW I gained muscle because my legs and arms are tighter and FEEL stronger and I am faster than I used to be.  I loved the gained friendships - it helped me get up every morning knowing there were people waiting for me to workout with them.  I really loved being held accountable to everything I ate."
 - Megan Hanks

"I got a lot stronger!  I can see my muscles now and I feel GOOD.  I have more energy and am eating a lot better."
 - Mary Hallewell

There are 2 AMAZING Trainers - Matt Clifford and Michelle Ennis, to bring you the best results possible.  Get stronger, faster, leaner!  

1st 4 weeks: $120
2nd round $105
3rd round $90
Phazes Members get half price!
Sign up 2 friends and get your next round FREE!
Sign up one friend and get your next round 1/2 price!

We start Monday! Sign up now by e-mailing and we will contact you with everything else.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Hey friends! Everyone knows how much I LOVE tax day! So to celebrate the GREAT mood! I am offering a quick special... from now til midnight on April 16th you can take advantage of a couple of AMAZING sales! One year Phazes membership at 25% off OR Bootcamp at 25% off! That means the Phazes membership that is normally $320.00 is only $240!! (Crap. I can't believe I am doing this) and Bootcamp that is normally $120 is only $90! I WILL NOT extend this past April 16th at 11:59pm. How to take advantage... you can e-mail me at as long as your e-mail is time dated before the end of the special - you are in! Or you can call 435-680-4025 (if you leave a message, I will get back to you and offer the deal) Or you can stop into the studio and we will hook you up! Tell your friends and spread the word! This is an amazing deal! - Michelle Ennis