Friday, July 31, 2009

It's time to PLAY!

Did you know we have reached about 80% of our nation is overweight with the majority of that number considered dangerously obese?
I was at the park one day with a friend of mine that falls into that category. Her kids wanted to have her play volleyball with them. She got up to play and did so for about 2 minutes before needing to sit down because she was winded. I felt awful for her. she could not even play a game with her kids.

what do you do for play? our kids learn how to play as adults by how we play. do you want your kids to have the same habits as you do? if you ride bikes together and hike together, you will not only get more fit, but your kids will learn what play is supposed to be.
as adults we get lazy. I know I have fallen guilty to sending my kids outside to play so they don't spend too much time in front of the TV and while they are outside, I sit myself down in front of the computer of sit on the couch and eat. That's how I went from a size 6 to a 16 and gained 50 pounds (all of which are now gone again!!!!!)
parents sign their kids up for sports, gymnastics, karate, etc... so the kids can be active and moving regularly. But Parents - what are you doing for YOU?
what games or sports or activities did you used to love doing when you were a kid?
sign up for something. join a city league, find a dance class, dust off your bike, pull out those roller blades. PLAY again!
your mom hopefully was the kind of lady who told you not to snack all day on sweets and to get outside and play. who is being that mom for you now?
your challenge this weekend is to find something FUN and do it! Get your childhood back and do the things that bring you joy and health.
You don't have kids? well, it all still applies to you - be your own best friend and remind yourself to put away the computer, TV, and books (although all those things are great in moderation) and get out and PLAY again. put down the chips, and soda and replace it with fruits, veggies, and juice. get your mom on the phone or call me and ask me be your mom for the day to remind you.
"hey, kid! put down the snacks, turn off the computer and go outside and play! find a friend and play tag! whatever, just get out and play.!"
get a weekly game of paintball or lazertag going. have some fun with it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weight loss solutions

I went from a size 14 to a size 8 in about 6 months. my weight dropped from 160 to 135.
let me report that I am eating MORE than I ever did before and I have a LOT more energy.
there is no crazy pill I took. Just a few things I would suggest:
1 - I started working out daily with our bootcamp program utilizing muscle confusion.
2 - I changed my diet and began following the clean eating menus a little more. (okay so sometimes I am not a total clean eater, but I am trying)I eat 6 meals a day that are higher in protein and good carb sources. I eliminated soda, refined sugar and white flour basically.
3 - I found a super food source that I use as my breakfast every morning as a shake. call me if you want to know what I am using.
4 - I have 2 ounces of a cleanse tea every morning and night to clear out toxins in my body. call me if you want to know what cleanse tea I use.
5 - when I have sweet cravings or the munchies I recommend using Power Pops (the eat candy lose weight people)these have citromax, b vitamins and a natural energy source. they help control appetite and balance sugar levels. diabetic friendly even! it's something for over-eaters that tend to do the hand to mouth sweet craving thing to use as a replacement.

I will post more about this another day. If I have peaked your interest - give me a call and I will hook you up.

I am stronger, faster and more fit than I have been in 15 years. and I got to this point from my least fit fattest in 6 months!

what do you want to accomplish?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

exciting new plans!!!! starting Sept 2009

Phazes Base plan:
$25/month: one day at bootcamp each week, get your workout plan and clean eating menu for the week. Plus one call with your personal trainer mid week to keep you motivated.

Couch potato to 5K:
$40/month: Workout 2 times a week with your personal trainer in a group. Get from never running and unfit to race ready in under 3 months!

Rookie Bootcamp
$360 for 3 months!
Want dramatic results! Meet 3 times a week with your personal trainers in a group of other exercise “rookies”. You won’t be working out next to the marathon runners and gym bunnies. This is for YOU – you need personal assistance to lose weight and get fit. Our other rookies have been losing an average of 10 pounds per month and over 10 inches per month! This 90 day plan is the best way to commit to real weight loss and dramatic results. Includes menu plans each week.

Marathon training:
$80/month : must already be able to run a 5K. Workout with a group getting ready for the next marathon. We have experienced trainers to assist you in pushing you to the next level.

Personal training:
looking at increasing overall fitness and need help? We have certified trainers you will love! Set your time and frequency into your schedule. Menu plans also provided.
$70/hour one on one
$50/hour for 2 people
$30/hour for 3 people
$20/hour for 4 clients or more.
(hourly rate is per person)

Cost comparisons:
Phazes base plan and bootcamps include your Personal trainers, menu plan, workout plans, and support. To get this same support elsewhere, you would need to combine a weight loss support group, hire a personal trainer and join a gym. The combined cost would be
Weight loss support group that provides menus: $40/month (average plan)
Gym membership: $20/month (average plan)
Personal trainer twice a week for 2 hours: $560/month (average cost/ hour)
this would be a total of= $620/month to get the same kind of assistance we offer you.

Or if you want fast results like bootcamp can get you and you decide to "cheat", HCG shots can cost $150 - $200/month OR MORE and you still have not learned the right way to eat and change your lifestyle. Many HCG clients once off the shots, balloon back up to their original size before the shots because they never Learned proper nutrition and exercise plans. Our bootcamp costs less, and gets you eating right!

Our goal is to change your life, not just your size.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Orange Peel Discounts to Phazes clients!.

The owners at Orange Peel have been really awesome to us and agreed to an ongoing discount of 10% off any smoothie purcahse for those that go in with the Phazes logo on. so wear your t-shirt from phazes and get your Smoothie.
They use fresh fruit and are the best smoothies around! You can also choose to have your drink sweetened or no sweetener. and you can also load up your drinks with boosters such as protein, immune boosters, energy, etc...
My favorite is the Sweet tooth without sweeteners - Banana, coconut and??? ai can't remember. But oh so yummy!
Orange Peel also has wheat grass and other nutritious and yummy drinks.
Stop by and check them out!

I love aging!

I realized the other day that I am pushing the 40 year old mark. and yet, I am healthier and happier than I have been in ages. my body is stronger and I feel amazing! I attribute that to bootcamp and my change in my diet. I love sharing with people that I am 36 and have given birth to 6 LARGE babies. Yet, it is not an excuse to sit and let my body atrophy or care less about what I buy in the stores to feed my kids. Truthfully, it's a reason to care even more.

Yesterday was the 4th of July. Phazes had a booth at the St. George festivities at Vernon Werthon Park. We had a blast inviting people to come take our fitness challenge and receive a free trial day with us.

I loved the variety of people I observed. One gentleman that took our test was in his 70's - dealing out pushups and squats and such. He also decided to add his name into the pile of those interested in a free month of Bootcamp. I was impressed at his strength and stamina. His wife made the comment to me "he works out every day, He's so strong." her eyes were beaming with admiration at the love of her life.

It made me reflect on the life of Jack Lelanne - the fitness guru of all fitness guru's. Jack is considered America's Godfather of fitness.
He is an expert and example for fitness and aging.

I thought I would post a few things he said as well as some of his accomplishments:

At the age of 94, Jack LaLanne continues to work out every morning for two hours, spending 1 ½ hours in the weight room and ½ hour swimming or walking.

When interviewed by Katie Couric on NBC's Today show, LaLanne declared that his two simple rules of nutrition are "if man made it, don't eat it", and "if it tastes good, spit it out." He often says, "I cannot afford to die, it will ruin my image." Interviewed on his 93rd birthday, he said his feat of strength was going to be "towing my wife across the bathtub." In a June 2007 interview, he said that for his 95th birthday, he'd like to swim to Santa Catalina Island from the coast of California, a distance of approximately 20 miles (32 km).

"So many older people, they just sit around all day long and they don't get any exercise. Their muscles atrophy, and they lose their strength, their energy and vitality by inactivity."
Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne: Many people have arthritis and rheumatism; they get bum knees, a bum back. A lot of guys get a little pain in the toe or knee and then they won't exercise. Well gee, you have 640 muscles in your body. There may be a few exercises you can't do, but there are hundreds you can do! Too many people make excuses like I am too old, or I don't have the time, or it costs money. Then when they get sick they go to the doctor and want a shot in the backside to make them healthy. How do you build up your bank account? By putting something in it everyday.Your health account is no different. What I do today, I am wearing tomorrow. If I put inferior foods in my body today, I'm going to be inferior tomorrow, it's that simple. What does age mean? Not being able to do the things you used to do. If I can get you doing things you haven't done for ten or fifteen years, isn't that exciting?
I don't care how old I live; I just want to be LIVING while I am living! I have friends of mine that are in their 80's and now they are in wheelchairs or they're getting Alzheimer's. Who wants that? It's terrible. I want to be able to do things; I want to look good; I don't want to be a drudge on my wife and my kids. And I want to get my message out to the people. I might live forever or it may seem like that. I tell people I can't afford to die; it will wreck my image! I am proud to say I was just voted in to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This year I get my star. (Jack was 91 years old when this was quoted)

Timeline: Jack LaLanne's feats

As reported on Jack LaLanne's website, and as documented contemporaneously when they happened: all of these are after he turned 40!

* 1954 (age 40): Jack swam the entire length of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, underwater, with 140 pounds of equipment, including two air tanks. A world record.
* 1955 (age 41): Jack swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco while handcuffed. When interviewed afterwards he was quoted as saying that the worst thing about the ordeal was being handcuffed, which reduced his chance to Star Jump significantly.
* 1956 (age 42): Jack set a world record of 1,033 push-ups in 23 minutes on You Asked For It, a television program with Art Baker.
* 1957 (age 43): Jack swam the Golden Gate channel while towing a 2,500-pound cabin cruiser. The swift ocean currents turned this one-mile (1.6 km) swim into a swimming distance of 6.5 miles (10.5 km).
* 1958 (age 44): Jack maneuvered a paddleboard nonstop from Farallon Islands to the San Francisco shore. The 30-mile (48 km) trip took 9.5 hours.
* 1959 (age 45): Jack did 1,000 star jumps and 1,000 chin-ups in 1 hour, 22 minutes and The Jack LaLanne Show went nationwide.
* 1974 (age 60): For the second time, Jack swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman's Wharf. Again, he was handcuffed, but this time he was also shackled and towed a 1,000-pound boat.
* 1975 (age 61): Repeating his performance of 21 years earlier, Jack again swam the entire length of the Golden Gate Bridge, underwater and handcuffed, but this time he was shackled and towed a 1,000-pound boat.
* 1976 (age 62): To commemorate the "Spirit of '76", United States Bicentennial, Jack swam one mile (1.6 km) in Long Beach Harbor. He was handcuffed and shackled, and he towed 13 boats (representing the 13 original colonies) containing 76 people.
* 1979 (age 65): Jack towed 65 boats in Lake Ashinoko, near Tokyo, Japan. He was handcuffed and shackled, and the boats were filled with 6,500 pounds of Louisiana Pacific wood pulp.[15]
* 1980 (age 66): Jack towed 10 boats in North Miami, Florida. The boats carried 77 people, and he towed them for over one mile (1.6 km) in less than one hour.
* 1984 (age 70): Once again handcuffed and shackled, Jack fought strong winds and currents as he swam 1.5 miles (2.4 km) while towing 70 boats with 70 people from the Queen's Way Bridge in the Long Beach Harbor to the Queen Mary.

Jack - you're an inspiration! when I talk to a lot of older people they often say, they have given up on the idea of getting their shape back. But it is possible. you just need a reason. for me, the reason is partly vanity - true. I would be lying if I didn't admit I like how I look when my abs are tight and my arms have some muscle.
But the real reason that is deeper than that is that I love feeling great! I love being able to do things that invigorate the mind and body! I want to climb mountains, swim, play hard and love life.

being fit means you have the ability to live life to it's fullest without worrying about a heart attack. I want to play soccer with my kids. I want to continue to play basketball without passing out. and I want to run with my dogs. this is life!

Have you ever ran in the red hills and jumped from rock to rock as the sun was rising or setting? It's a joyful experience. I want to do that until the day I die. and because I AM doing that and HAVE changed the way I eat - that tummy I had last year is GONE!!!!

I have rock hard abs where a flabby overly tired and overworked from child birth tummy used to be. (I still have stretch marks though, got to let go of a little bit of that vanity I guess and be pleased with kids that gave me those marks)

So here's to aging the right way, here's to health, here's to really living!
I hope you enjoy life and play hard just like Jack.

Let us help you play hard too.