Friday, July 22, 2011

fast like a Gazelle...

I have often used the example of rushing across a park to a child in danger as just one reason to be fit. I never thought I would have to put that into practice. 2 days ago while visiting family in Southern California, I took my kids to the beach. Put sunscreen and life jackets on my babies and began to set up our beach chairs and food. I turned to see how my kids were doing, there was my 3 year old... scariest moment in my life... rolling in the waves unable to get up or catch his breathe.

I have no idea how fast I was there, But it was the fastest I have ever moved in my life, jumping over other people on that crowded beach. We had picked an open spot further away from the water since the places closest to the water were all taken. So, there was some ground to cover to get to my child. The life guard stand was right next to us. The life guard got to me and my baby at full sprint right behind me.

My 3 and a half year old is fine. I was able to reach him quickly and I moved my beach chair closer to the water in front of some grumpy woman not happy about me moving closer to the beach and too close to her. (Oh well grumpy lady...)

Had this been 3 years ago, I wonder if my body could have moved like that without injury.

So, that hypothetical situation put out there to my clients, I put out there again to you.
If your child was in danger - across a park or a crowded beach, could you reach them in time to save their life (my question mark key is broken... grrrr)

It's just one of many reasons to get in shape. Do those sprints, love those lunges, enjoy every heart pounding moment of your workouts. I can't tell you how grateful I am for those challenging workouts.