Monday, October 26, 2009

workout pics for week of 10/25/09

Here are the pictures for the workouts emailed this week. for the entire workout and the menu plans e-mailed to you, just call (435)680-4025 or e-mail

knee lift:
alternate sides each time.
if done correctly this will really work your abs. try to get your knee up as high as possible and "crunch" in as if you were doing a standing crunch.

lunge with kick
lunge back and then kick back leg up and forward. do not kick so high that your back crumples. just kick to where is comfortable for your back but makes your leg work hard. You can also kick high enough to work on fexibility as long as you always maintain your posture without pain

lunge jacks or scissor jumps
start in a lunge position jump up and switch legs and lunge again. do your best in jumping off the ground even if you are a beginner. Keep your legs bent when you land and try to land softly. if you are an advanced athlete add ankle weights.

squat thrust with or without pushup
advanced level is adding a pushup and then jumping off the ground once standing. intermediate - do as shown below and for beginners you can do this without going all the way to the ground. instead do this by placing your hands on a chair or bench jumping legs out.

Mountain Climbers
in a deep lunge position quickly change leading leg by slightly jumping off gorund both legs in air for a split second while they switch position to other leg leading. do this movement quickly and continue switching legs.

Lateral arm raises or shoulder extensions
increase resistance by increasing weight.

Bicep curl with lunge
increase resistance by holding heavier hand weights.

Monday, October 19, 2009

workout pics for week of 10/19/09

Here is the workout for this week: If you want to have the workout emailed to you every week, just e-mail Phazes at
alternate this strength training workout every other day with a cardio workout such as biking, jogging, etc...

Plank on elbows: keep your body in a straight slant (do not let you butt drop or raise it to high) Hold this position without dropping for as long as you can. try up to a minute as a challenge.

Lunge with arm press: start at standing holding weights at a right angle with elbows at shoulder level. step forward, lower body down while pressing arms overhead.

Side Plank with lift: this is great for your mid-section. start by laying on your side and keeping your feet, hip, knees and shoulders in line. Lift up and hold then lower slowly. for a challenge try lowering and holding a weight or twisting as you lower with the weight going from under you to lifted above as you press up.

Lunge with Twist: I love lunges! great for your butt makes strong gorgeous legs. anyway... start at standing step forward with one leg, lower , keep your knee over your toe on the leading leg and twist as you lower. this will work your obliques and your legs at the same time. For a challenge use a heavier weight to hold as you lower and twist.

Hip and Thigh Raises: lift your hip as high as you can, pause and hold the contraction then lower slowly and repeat.

Hip thigh raise challenge: add weights to your upper thigh as you lift up.

Roll downs: start at the top and take about 5 seconds to roll down to touch your back on the floor and then come back up slowly. want more of a challenge? hold weights to your chest.

russian twist: keep back straight in starting position then twist to one side and lower weights to the ground then twist to the other side.

Repeat this workout from the top as many times as possible. I like to add in running a quick lap between each set of exercises. end with a good stretch.
My workout schedule looks like this:
Mon/Wed/ Fri = do strength training exercise like those listed above - switch up exercises each week
Tues/Thur/ Sat = train for running next race
Also Saturdays = choose a fun outdoor activity to do with my family that gets us all moving (basketball, baseball, soccer, hiking, kayaking,etc... anything FUN and outdoors and active.
Sunday = go for a nice walk with my kids and relax

Next week we will have a whole new set of exercises for you to try out and get your body fit.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

warm up and stretches...

warm-up: take a speed walk for about 2 minutes or do the following exercises:

10 squats: (keep your knee right over your toe and press your butt down and back

5 side lunges on each side. come to standing position in between each side lunge

20 jumping jacks

Stretches: Hold each stretch for about 15 seconds. breathe into each stretch and relax while doing each movement.

arm stretches: keep shoulders back and down

quad stretch:

runner's lunge: You may do it with or without the arm raised overhead.

calf stretch

Inner thigh stretch: Press knees to the outside using elbows. drop hips down a little more.

now press your shoulder toward the opposite knee while gently pressing your knee to the outside.

wide stride leg stretch: go to the middle first and then take a turn on each leg. the idea is to gently press your chest toward your thighs.

Downward dog - a great full body stretch!

Pigeon stretch is great for your hips and thighs:

A little more advanced version of the pigeon stretch is to lay down on that top bent knee without straining your back, just rest gently and lean forward until your chest touches your thigh.

Glute stretches: Kim and Michelle have different favorite stretches. both are fabulous for your buns before and after a leg workout.

Kim's: keep your back straight and rest one leg on the other knee while leaning forward toward your knee. keep top leg's knee facing the side.

Michelle's: bend the bottom leg and bring the top leg across the thigh. try to get the top leg's foot to rest on the ground while resting both hips evenly on the ground. lean forward pressing your chest toward the top thigh.