Friday, January 13, 2012

Phazes LaVerkin Studio is MOVING! (and there is a secret special right now)

Phazes Studio in LaVerkin is currently located at 394 south state street in Laverkin utah. BUT... WILL BE MOVING INTO HURRICANE UTAH! (on main street right next door to main street cafe) I do not have the exact address, but it is something like 100 ish south main street in Hurricane. We will close the LaVerkin Studio on January 30th 2012 - Feb 3rd 2012 to move, paint and get things looking spiffy. (do people still use that word?) For all those that read this blog and get this information here... I have a secret special for you if you come in and sign up at Phazes BEFORE we move. Here it is: Get 50% off ANY punch pass OR get TWO months FREE on a 12 month contract!! seriously an AMAZING OFFER! but it will only be for those that come into the studio before January 28th, 2012 and are NEW clients (don't worry, I have a special for my loyal clients too. keep reading). For my loyal clients. I owe so much to all the work you do in keeping healthy and happy and telling your friends about Phazes. THANK YOU! There will be a special gift for you at the Open House that will happen in February after the move. ALSO... if any of your friend come in and get a 20 punch pass or a 12 month membership, you will be getting you pick of some fun items that will be in our new Goodie basket every month. You will want to check it out! Thanks again and we will see you! don't forget we are still open and love seeing you in the studio before we move over.