Sunday, May 23, 2010

this week's workout

There are a lot of bridges/ leg lifts. basically I want to overwork that area just a little. add some weights to your thighs if you aren't feeling it and hold it for a moment and squeeze before lowering down again. tighten your abs to work them while you do the back of your legs at the same time.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

featured workout of the week

Hey there! If this is your first visit to our blog... I hope you enjoy. every week I post some "do anywhere" workouts that can be adjusted for your fitness level. this is workout number 12.
Challenge yourself. find your goal fitness level or a fitness level you can do with some sweating and effort and do 2 rounds. do the workout once through, take a breathe, get a drink and do it again. you can repeat as often as you have time for. the more fit you are the more rounds you do! Then do some excellent stretches following. I encourage EVERYONE to do at least 2 rounds of the exercises.
If you want some menu ideas - become a phazes member and get menu ideas and weekly call from a trainer to keep you on track and accountable to your fitness goals.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Phazes just brought on NEW TRAINERS! It's an amazing and diverse staff. YOU WILL LOVE THEM! (or hate them) either way - you will get results! Just this Past Friday one of our clients did her monthly weigh in and found she has lost 20 pounds, and 17 inches and this was after 8 weeks! she still has 4 weeks to push her limits!

Bootcamp pushes you to do more than you would do on your own. The workouts change and evolve to develop a well-rounded balanced, fit body. We workout outside and breathe fresh air. you might be doing Yoga as the sun rises or you may be running on some red rocks, or maybe your just using the surrounding you have for your workout. no matter what, you will enjoy the fresh air, the challenge and the results!

Our next round of Bootcamp start June 1st.
all bootcamps are 5 days a week

Pioneer Park (Dixie Mountain) in St. George 6-7am

Highland Park (Coral Canyon) 5:30-6:30pm

Hurricane Football field 5:30-6:30am

* full 12 week program for maximum results is: $360
* monthly commitment is: $150
* weekly commitment: $75 (Summer only)
* daily guest pass: $20 if you want a friend to come workout with you
(waiver must be signed)

Special price breaks...
- save $50 when you sign up for the 12 week program with a friend
- Maintenance program available for anyone who has completed the 12 week program:
(3 days a week)
$240 for 12 weeks
$85 for one month
$40 for one week (summer only)

Come to orientation May 28th at the desired time and location of the bootcamp you want to attend to learn more, get signed up, do your fitness evaluation and get a little taste of what's coming!
Summer: June 1st - August27th
fall: August 30th - November 26th

workout of the week and a few thoughts...

remember to work hard, sweat and love it! do each of the 10 exercises twice. challenge yourself. try a level out of your comfort zone. too easy for you? increase the reps, weights or go through it more times. too difficult? do what you can. each workout has rookie, pro, all-star and world class levels to try for. choose your goal and see if you can maintain that level of intensity 2-3 times through.