Sunday, June 27, 2010

FIRE! Family Home Gone in Minutes - Years of Photos Vanish Forever. Phazes to Host Photo Recovery Project!

On Saturday, June 26th, my friend Ann Wixom lost her home to a fire. I have known Ann for years as an avid scrapbooker that attended my retreats and workshops I ran when I was a regional leader in the scrapbooking business I ran previous to focusing on my fitness career.

Ann's family has lost nearly everything they owned. The community is pulling together to provide clothing and other necessities, and the local grocery store, Farmer's Market, donated a shopping cart full of groceries yesterday. Other relief efforts are underway, but there are some things that you can't buy in a store - family photo albums.

BUT, I know Ann. She'll put things in perspective. No one died, they have insurance, etc., but she is devastated about the lost photos that melted away into the burning black mass of charred household. So, I am going to be asking the local community to search their photos of school events, boy scouting, church and/or other community events, and see if they have any photos of Ann's kids or family.

If you have any, feel free to bring them over to Phazes Fitness. Every Thursday night at 8:30pm (following stretch fit or Zumba) we will have space and tables and tools out to help Ann create more pages. I will also have my scanner available to scan the pages in and get them uploaded to a website where she can access her pages should "anything" happen to them in the future.

The first event will be this Thursday, July 1st at 8:30pm
So - your job is - if you live in the community to scour your photos and see if you have ANY shots of her kids at ANY events.
THEN - you need to bring them into Phazes Fitness.
THEN - if you are able to make some time - come help scan, or create pages for her.

I know this has very little to do with fitness being posted on the Phazes site. But as the owner of Phazes and having had a big part of Ann's scrapbooking journey in the past - I feel like I need to reach out in a way I know how.

I will not be posting a TON of blogs this week as I focus on Ann and her photo recovery project. If you have any questions or ideas or comments - feel free to leave them here or call me at 435-680-4025.

If you want to read more about the fire itself and my time spent with Ann and Rick Wixom - here is my personal blog with more information about that horrific event.

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Never Too Early or Too Late To Start!

Bill here. I could not resist today. You have GOT TO SEE this video clip.

It amazes me that our bodies have seemingly infinite capacity for improvement - at any age, and at any stage. I'll let you watch the clip and see just HOW OLD THIS GUY IS, physically - but it has little bearing on his mental acuity and exuberance levels.

We've been blessed with these phenomenal organic machines to carry our spirits and minds in, machines that can respond dramatically to the proper stimulus. From a physical standpoint, that stimulus should be the right combination of nutrition, hydration, exercise (including stretching!), and rest.

At Phazes, we also like to emphasize the importance of getting outdoors, engaging the environment, and spending time with family and friends.

I want to share two things with you:

1) Michelle has taken me from 210 lbs and 10 pull-ups to 200 lbs and 17 pull-ups. I actually get our two small boys or one of our 70-80 lb kids on my legs and hit the bar with my clavicle! Michelle, thank you!

2) I love kayaking. I was a strong paddler last year, and now it feels comparatively effortless, as I've increased my back and core strength dramatically. Michelle, THANK YOU.

Enjoy the video, and reconsider your outlook on life!

- Bill

Video Courtesy of

WOW! - Workout of the Week!

This is Workout #7 as I call it...
Do the workouts a minimum of 2 times each, or as many times as you can in 30 minutes. 30 minutes a day is a great place to be - just fit it in somewhere in your day and you can do these pretty much anywhere - no gym necessary.

If you need more of a challenge, let me know! I created these workouts to fit the "majority" those from a rookie level to an athletic level. For those of you doing body building with heavier weights or bootcamp-style workouts, try these out, and let me know what you do to challenge yourself to the next level.
Sometimes, I need to add weights to my legs or wear a weighted vest, as well as lift a hand or leg - depending on the exercise.

ON THE OTHER HAND...(there are five fingers)...and, if you are a BEGINNER and you are struggling...most of these exercises can be adjusted to YOU.

If you have questions about ANY of the exercises either e-mail me or leave a comment, and I will assist you through it.

Working together toward your success,


Question of the day - when did this happen?

When did wheat flour start getting bleached and then enriched?
And, WHY in the world would you ruin a good thing?

I already know the answer - Yup, I do my reading too.
I just want to hear what you think. I will post my response tomorrow!

Today's best answer of the question of the day is the winner!
And by best - I mean the one that agrees closest to me - (just kidding)
Fire away!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Phazes has changed my whole life!" Says Bob

“I'm a 63 year old male. Our Generation didn't do this stuff. For most of us, it just wasn't taught.

June 16, 2009 I had experienced dehydration resulting in my near death experience. Everything inside and outside my body changed for the worse. My strength was GONE and so was my balance due to the onset of vertigo.

I made a commitment to improve my health and balance.

I started with Phazes April 2nd 2010. Since then, I have lost inches in my waist and thighs.

I am in better condition then I've been in for YEARS! Inside and out!

At my first fitness evaluation I had improved DRAMATICALLY with my strength, balance and Heart rate. I am VERY excited and impressed with what is happening to my entire body.

I'm grateful to the program and all the trainers. They do a fantastic job at giving direction to proper exercise and great dietary habits to follow.

It has changed my whole life!”

Bob Talbot

Age 63

(fitness studio client)

(Michelle's note: At Bob's first visit to our fitness studio he collapsed TRYING ONE knee pushup. Just a few months later he is ready for decline pushups and more challenges! He is looking good – great form, technique and endurance. This is the fun stuff! His WHOLE demeanor has changed! Everyone is noticing the difference in him! - WAY TO GO BOB!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Food Rules

I picked up this little book called "Food Rules" by Michael Pollan. Actually I have tons and tons of eating guide style books and workout books. I read everything I can about everything out there by everyone imaginable.

You may have noticed that there are a lot of conflicting books and ways of thinking.
AND there are a lot that are very similar. I have been following the clean eating books as much as I dare. I love what they teach.
I HATE - (did I say hate?) YES I DID - I HATE counting calories!

the scientific method of weight loss of counting calories in and calories out - never works for people like me. we screw up the math first of all. and secondly - we hate having to be so exact and researching the places we can find the exact amount of calories that were in that home made chicken fajita on a whole wheat tortilla. I do NOT want to spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how many calories it was.
I want a few basic guidelines and I want it to work.

So here's this little book that literally took me about 30 minutes (or less) to read. it's simple!

I HIGHLY recommend finding a copy and finding one rule a week to master.

Rule #1 - is EAT FOOD

Mr. Pollan goes into a little more detail about what food is
I am challenging you to take rule number one this week and find out what food is.

So, Question of the day:
What defines Food? Please tell me in the comment section.

By the way, everyone who answers the questions we post here, gets entered into the monthly drawings for a free stuff!
So ... feel free to share and tell me - how do you define food?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My mom used to always say...

Actually - she didn't use to say the following... it's just the title I came up with...

But do you ever hear or say the following?
- I can't get up in the morning because my (husband/wife/ spouse) is a night owl
- I can't exercise because I have no time
- I can't do it because its too hard
- I can't workout because I don't have the money for a gym
- I can't eat right because I can't afford the produce.
- I can't eat right because I don't have time to cook healthy meals
- I can't workout because my health is too poor
- I can't workout because I am too old or fat or weak...
- I can't------------------- whatever - the list goes on and on and on of excuses people make for why they "can't" get healthy.

I laugh at myself for always using the phrase, "My mom used to always say..." and, I am going to use it again...

My mom used to always say..."If you DON'T want to do something, any excuse will do."
The truth is, if you find yourself saying, "I can't", it just means, "I don't want it bad enough".

The reverse is also true - if you want something bad enough - there will be NOTHING that can stop you!
It's true!
For each of those "I can't" statements above, there is a doable solution. I have had to find solutions to EVERY SINGLE ONE of those statements at some point or another and I always hear more everyday. I will not tell you what your solution needs to be. YOU need to find it!
I just finished working with a client as she struggled through her fitness assessment and was really down about how weak she was.
Her reason for deciding today to give it all she has - her kid.
She needs to be able to care for an autistic child and doesn't have the strength to do it.
Her job is now to just show up to bootcamp - no matter what!

What about you?
What is your reason for setting aside the time to workout and to push through the excuses:
  • Want to get off diabetes medication?
  • Want better heart health?
  • Want to walk and not be weary? or run and not faint?
  • Want to keep up with demanding kids?
  • Want to play sports?
  • Maybe you just want to be a stronger competitor?
The "why" is the most important thing you have. If there is no "why" then you have no reason to put off the excuses.

Your challenge today is to find a compelling "why", and by compelling, I mean more than just being skinny. That is NOT enough - it NEVER is!
Find a reason deeper than that. Maybe initially your reason might be to be skinny... but why?

Keep asking yourself why until there is a reason that holds a strong place in your gut.

To give you an example, here are my initial reasons why and my journey to find a compelling reason to keep me going. My first reason why came 2 years ago - my conversation with myself back when I was 40 pounds overweight:
"Why do I want to start a workout program?"
"I feel like crap and I want to feel better."
"I can't do anything I want to do right now and I want to be able to run.
why is that important?"
"I used to do those things. I used to do more dancing and running."
"Why are those things important to me?"
"I feel better when I do it."
"Why is that important?"
"When I feel good, I treat my family better. When I feel good about me, I am more patient, kind and loving to those around me, and my kids need a mom like that."

At that point in my life my anger was out of control and so was my depression - exercising regularly keeps it in check - that was reason enough to go when it was hard. I just had to picture my children's faces when I was a mean mom and see their sadness in my mind. It's a serious motivator for me.

(I feel another topic for a blog coming on.)

I hope you get it. I hope you find a reason to do hard things - like pulling yourself out of bed in the morning to get a workout in, or changing your eating habits.

Dig deep today and tell me what your reason is, I would love to hear it.
My reason - I am a better mom when I work out. and I do it for my kids. I do it for me, but my kids need me to do it too. I feel amazing and it transfers over to my family.

What is your why?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Food for thought

There are a LOT of tips on how to lose weight and what is the best method of "dieting" for weight loss. Some of them work. Some don't. Some are hard to follow, some are really simple. Some are just plain crazy.

One of my favorite eating plans is the CLEAN EATING lifestyle.

Here are just a few simple things I love about it in a nutshell:
1 - you are never HUNGRY!!!!!
2 - it keeps your metabolism high rather than dips and valleys
3 - it's a way our bodies were meant to eat naturally
4 - I can snack a lot
5 - I am eating yummier food than ever!

My kids have not had hamburger helper or boxed mac and cheese in a couple of years. We eliminated most processed foods from our home. Believe it or not, it did NOT take that long for my family to adjust. I have a couple of picky eaters. I just make sure that I always have a fresh veggie or fruit that they will eat when we are trying something new. Trust me, your kids will NOT starve if you switch what they are used to eating.

What I noticed for my kids was that a lot of anger management issues that I was told needed to be medicated - WENT AWAY!!!! Plus they are all happier healthier kids!

What I noticed for me was that I was able to burn off more fat even when my workouts were not as "hard core". My body was learning how to burn fuel efficiently rather than storing it as fat cells.

If you are eating clean, you do NOT NEED to do a cleanse, because the cleanse happens naturally!

There are a lot of things that define a truly CLEAN EATING lifestyle. some things may be difficult to change in your life than others. so try just a couple of things you can change right now. I am a busy mom, so I struggled with how to make FAST meals on a limited budget that my kids would eat. I was also a carb and sugar addict.
SO some of the changes we have made that are working at my home are these:
- always keep a rotisserie chicken (fully cooked) in the fridge and some whole wheat tortillas and some spinach and salsa - it a quick chicken wrap on the go. - Or just choose something fast and easy that is high protein and includes fresh veggies as your "staple" to have around all the time just in case...
- always pre-select healthy snack for the kids that stay in the middle of the kitchen table (grapes, apples, carrots, hummus dip, raisins, etc...) this keeps the kids and me from making poor eating choices when we are "STARVING".
- NO MORE SODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only at parties - we treat soda like we do cake! it's not that we can't have it, it's that it is just a TREAT!
- Sugary treats are once a week - not every day! Snacks should be mini meals that FUEL your body!

and finally - about the cost...?
well, I personally spend about the same. I don't do coupon clipping since most of the food on those coupons is about as nutritious or less nutritious than rat food. BUT what I do is participate in a food purchasing co-op called bountiful baskets. ( Plus I am trying to grow some food in my garden. I am new at this, so I will let you know how that goes.

but when you eliminate cookies, soda, chips, and fast food, it's AMAZING how much more money you can find for REAL food!
Remember that food is FUEL for you body! DO not gum up your engine with false food that has no value.

Also- if you want more ideas, call us or e-mail us and we will help you find a plan that suits YOU!
- Michelle

Friday, June 18, 2010

an interesting snap shot into a typical day of Phazes owner, Michelle...

Click on the title of this post to view the personal blog of Michelle's deja vu moment

Thursday, June 17, 2010

workout for the week of 6/21/2010

Here is the workout we have featured for this week. If you are interested in Having a trainer work with you on form, intensity and power or adjusting it just for you, give us a call at 435-275-2577 or e-mail:

About us

Fitness is about Play time. It's about getting out, and doing something different. Our fitness Studio is purposefully closed on Saturdays to promote community events and races and activities and to get people hiking, swimming, kayaking, running - you name it. That's what the weekend is for. NOT to spend your time in a sweaty gym throwing weights around.

SO Get out and play HARD! Get Fit so you CAN! that's where the programs we offer come in.
- Our studio provides talented trainers to assist you in small group sessions for 30 minutes a day as often as you need!
- our bootcamps tear you apart and spit you out to give faster and more noticeable results in a fraction of the time of normal workouts.
- our Zumba classes and other classes keep things interesting to offer more variety to your workout options
- plus we offer Couch to 5K training and other running training as well as support racing events in the area to give people a reason to push a little harder.

SO mix it up - celebrate your journey into a healthy active lifestyle. don't get stuck in the same routine. Have some fun with your fitness journey.

for more information call: 435-275-2577 or e-mail

Friday, June 4, 2010

this week's workout and some thoughts...

So, I am posting the workout of the week... But I also have LOT on my mind (as usual).
take a look at this week's featured workout and then enjoy a few thoughts to keep you going...

Killer Core workout - I LOVE this one! remember to press your spine and belly button down into the ground. support your back with your abs. and push yourself. after a round do 30 jumping jacks and then do another set. how many times can you go through this workout in 30 minutes? an hour? fatigue?

I watched a show yesterday with a pretty young lady in her 20's was lamenting the idea of aging and freaking out about the idea of getting older. She actually said life would end for her at 30 years old. Today I met a incredible 91 year old woman that was once an avid runner. She said she ran the Boston marathon when she was 72 years old. Then I watched an interview with Tosca Reno (Clean eating icon) and when asked how she would celebrate her 50th birthday she said she was going to do her first triathlon.
Life is good when you take care of yourself. at some point we will all lose some of our abilities. I plan on going out of this life kicking and running and screaming with every fiber of my being. I plan on Playing hard - climbing, racing, running, hiking, and kayaking. I plan on eating the right kind of fuel so that my body runs as long as possible. I plan on treating myself like a high performance vehicle instead of a junker car. Junker cars we buy for a few hundred dollars and run into the ground and toss them aside. we are happy and lucky if we have them in a year.

Our performance vehicle - we wash, polish, put the the best fuel in it, get regular checkups and tune-ups,etc... we take care of it and we enjoy it. we take it out on the road and open it up. we feel good about it.
(I actually don't own anything other than a junker as a vehicle - but I am talking about your body if you haven't figured it out)

the Performance vehicle will run forever as long as you treat it like one. the car you treat like a junker - dies and goes to the junk yard.
How do you treat you?

do you want to be sitting in the junk yard next year? Or do you want to keep on rolling - enjoying the travels, the adventures, and the fun that is waiting for you?

Life gets better for those that take care of themselves. It really does! Life begins when you decide!
I talk to different people at different stages of life that have the attitude that life is just beginning for them. Here are some examples of what different people have said to me:

woman age 30 - I am finally getting back into shape. I feel like life has just begun. I am ready to start training for races finally.

Age 40 - Next year I am going to do the Iron man for the first time. I am faster and stronger than I have ever been!

age 50 - I don't know why I ate like garbage all my life. I finally changed my habits and my heart is healthier. I can walk without fainting.

Age 40 - since I lost all that weight I no longer have the knee and back problems I had for most of my life! I can actually do stuff I never have done before!

Age 70 - I can't believe how much more energy I have now than I did 10 years ago. I feel so much younger than I have in a LONG LONG time!

Age 70 - I am going to be joining my grandkids on hikes and kayaking and swimming this summer. Since I started changin my eating and lifestyle habits, I really can enjoy them so much more. I plan on seeing all of them graduate High School. I feel so much better now than I did Years ago.

age 90 - I ran a marathon at 72. I am up and around because I take care of myself. although my life is nearly over, I have lived - REALLY LIVED! I may live another 10 years and in that time, I plan on continuing to hike with my dogs and really living to the extent I am able.

And of course there are soooooo many Many stories of people like you who have decided that age is just a number and they get out and do something that amazes themselves. LIVE - REALLY LIVE!

So what are you doing this weekend? Me? - I am going to take swimming lessons to help get over my fear of water. I am going to go for a Bike ride and then I am going to go the lake with my kids and Kayak with my husband. what are you doing?

Get outside and PLAY!