Friday, July 30, 2010

Sweet Workout of the Week...

When you do these workouts - start with a warm up first, a few jumping jacks, jog in place, and a few squats. Then go for it full force and see how many rounds you can do in 30 minutes!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Food Rules"

I mentioned before that I love reading everything I can get my hands on. One of the simplest to follow and easy to read books I have been given was "Food Rules" by Michael Pollan.

His Rule #7: "Avoid Food products containing ingredients that a third grader can't pronounce."

I was able to practice this first hand on Monday when I took my third grader shopping for Daddy's birthday treats. We were going to buy Daddy's favorite ice cream (which happens to be of the all natural ingredient variety).

My daughter wanted to get a big bucket of the plastic stuff with bright colors and nastiness. We normally don't buy ice cream and have it sitting around in our house. But this is a special occasion so, YES, I do eat Ice cream occasionally - just not daily or even weekly.

I took the opportunity to show my daughter the difference between ice creams and grabbed the all natural brand first and asked her to read the ingredient list to me. It had like 5 ingredients and she could pronounce all of them. Then I grabbed the kind she thought I should buy because it was bigger and the same price and asked her to read the ingredients. She started to and then stopped. "MOM, the list is too long and I don't know those words. those are some long words!"

I took it as an opportunity to teach her about real food versus fake food and the cancer causing additives put into all the food in the store. we talked about treating our bodies as temples and being a little more cautious about what we put into it.

Ice Cream is a treat - not a snack. It DID cost us a little more than the crappy ingredient kind and we did NOT get a HUGE amount for a cheap price. But then again, we don't NEED a huge amount. It's a TREAT NOT A MEAL!

The Difference
Meals should give you the majority of nutrient rich calorie intake you need to sustain life. They should be well thought out and have a variety of healthy foods. Although you should watch portion sizes, these meals tend to be larger than a snack.

Snack - are supposed to tie you over between meals. These should also be well planned and healthy. Not chips and soda and brownies. More like nuts, cheese, fruit, veggies etc... not as big as an entire meal. watch serving sizes. YOU SHOULD have regular snacks daily (not treats)

Treats - these should be consumed a maximum of once a week or fewer is even better. These are potato chips, soda, Hot Dogs, cake and ice Cream, etc.. anything that is NOT FOOD! I personally Don't like to keep Treats around the house on a regular basis since the kids (and me in the past) tend to eat these things before food and they call it a snack. DO NOT keep these things around. this is what is making us sick! imagine keeping the Halloween Candy Bowl on the counter all year round...? (I hope you can't) Buy treats when you have a rare special occasion. I have actually started putting all processed foods into this list (hamburger helper, pizza, fast food, frozen meals - these are all RARE "treats" in my house consumed once a week to once a month. I try to avoid these "food like substances" completely like cookies and ice cream so I put them in the treat category.

I guess this turned into 2 topics in one...

watch the ingredient list and imagine a 3rd grader reading it to you... can they pronounce the words?

and 2
treats are NOT snacks! Treat them like treats and CUT WAY BACK on the frequency of consumption.

That's your tip of the day - see what you can do with it.

- Michelle Ennis

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Foot races...

Just last Saturday I had the chance to go to a celebration at the local park for a Celebration/carnival. There were games and booths, but not a lot since this is a small hick town where I live. But something they always have that I used to just watch were the silly races...
- wheel barrel
- gunny sack
- 3 legged
- sprints
and then Tug of war.

In the past, I would have just sat there and watched the ridiculous "idiots" that would get into those races. They look so ... lame...!

This year, I joined them.

At first I was just interested in getting my kids to move THEIR bodies. I know how tough wheel barrel races are as a Bootcamper. I thought it would be fun to convince my daughter and son to do it together. my son refused, so ME and my daughter entered the race. everyone that finished the race got Otter Pops. So of course my two younger sons wanted in on the action.

when they called the adults in - I decided to join in as well.

2 years ago, I would have been passing out and breathless (and unwilling completely) to do these races. This year, my kids and I were laughing together. I did the 3 legged race with my 2 year old and we giggled all the way across the finish line.

I enjoyed this years tiny little "carnival" at the park SOOOOO much more than any other year I had gone to it.

The difference - DOING STUFF that got me me MOVING WITH the kids instead of just sitting there.

Plus it sets a good example to the children.
I am talking to all the parents and granparents out there.
What kind of kids do you want to have follow you? what kind of example are you setting for them? If you just sit there, they will grow up and just sit there. If you play, they will learn that is what mommies (or daddies, or grandma's etc...) Do.

Plus I burned a few calories and didn't feel quite as guilty about the crappy hot dog, chips and sugary drinks I ate at the park... ooops. (I guess we will call that the cheat meal for the weekend).

I challenge you to PLAY with the kids this summer. at the next event you attend where they have ANYTHING that is supposed to get people on their feet - GET OFF YOUR BUTT and GET MOVING!

This is just one small way we can start to make serious changes in our nation and the habits our kids are developing. It's also one BIG way to start making life changes into a more active lifestyle.

Active lifestyle = healthy bodies

active lifestyle means you are moving your body instead of being sedentary.

So get up - get out - and PLAY with the kids! (whether or not they are yours)

Monday, July 26, 2010

workout of the week

Here's the week's workout. I designed this for the typical woman I work with - weak and barely able to hold a weight on the rookie level. Some of these exercises require hand weights. Challenge yourself and try to do this with heavier weights if you can. If you do not have hand weights - try using jugs filled with water. Or cans. push it hard and see what you can do!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who needs a trainer?

After I had started my Bootcamp business, a client of mine, Anne*, had lost a ton of weight and inches in a short time. She and I were talking and ran into a mutual friend of ours - Judy*. She commented on how great Anne looked. When Anne mentioned that she was working out with a trainer now instead of just going to the fitness center where Judy worked, Judy's comment was "Oh, Anne, you don't need a trainer! Just come back into the gym!"

Anne told her, "Judy, I've been going to the gym for YEARS, and haven't gotten the results I got in just a short time with the trainers at Bootcamp. I do need a trainer."

So who needs a trainer?
In my opinion - EVERYONE!
Let me explain - a personal trainer is used for a variety of purposes:
- help with weight loss
- improving nutrition and overall health
- building muscle
- tightening and toning
- improving speed and endurance
- recovering from inactivity
- reduce risk of injury by watching and correcting form and technique
- creating accountability
- providing motivation, etc...

Take a look at the list above and see if there is a SINGLE thing you would like to improve upon. If so, you may need a personal trainer.

Did you know that roughly 75% of gym memberships go mostly unused? Did you know that 75% of our nation is overweight and out of shape? Did you know that studies show when someone has a workout partner they are more likely to get results from their fitness program? Did you know that most people at the gym spend an hour or two and never get any results because of the time wasted time wandering from one place to another, chatting it up with friends or lack of "know how"?

A good trainer can help someone get more results in 30 minutes than the person can do on their own in an hour if they fit the "typical mold".

When I worked at a variety of different fitness centers, I was frustrated when I would discover that someone had been coming in, doing the same workout for the past 5 years and was still in the same condition as they were the first day they came in. I was frustrated when people "couldn't afford" the high price for a personal trainer, because they could hardly afford a gym membership as it was. They expected magic to happen - that coming into the gym and wandering around would magically give them results, or just moving a little bit until they broke a tiny sweat would be good enough, and they would go home.

I remember working in one fitness center, where I spoke with a client doing her 30 second workout, and I asked her to take her heart rate, only to discover she wasn't working hard enough to burn enough calories for her short workout of the day. At that rate, she would never lose a pound. I told her she needed to step it up a notch if she was going to burn anything enough to lose weight. Her response to me "I've been coming to this gym a LOT longer than you've been working here. No one else has ever told me to work harder." My response, "It says your goal is to lose 100 pounds, how much have you lost in the past 6 years?" "None. But I know if I keep going like I am I will. I was told I will lose weight and I can do it on my own." She obviously wasn't open to the young kid who had only been working there for a few month to help her out since she knew so much more about weight loss than the skinny kid. So I went away. But it was an eye-opening experience. I began taking a look around me and saw people just like her everywhere. Not open to paying more, not realizing that with just a few small changes they could have AMAZING results.

Then I got into Bootcamp training and opened my own fitness studio shortly afterward.
Here is what gets me excited about what is going on over here:
- We work with EVERYONE as their personal trainer!
- We have accountability systems for those ready to make changes!
- We track results!
- We provide challenges to go for!
- We have FUN Getting out in the community!

I have LOVED working with people of all ages, sizes and shapes and watching the changes, some drastic - others small and nearly unnoticeable on the surface. There is one "older gentleman", for example, with dramatically improved balance and posture.

Having a trainer next to you that you have set appointments with and are accountable to makes your success more likely!

So whether it's us at Phazes or a friend that can help you out - find the system that will keep you going in the right direction.

Feel free to drop by and try out Phazes or give us a call and see if a remote training program would work for you.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent - AND GUILTY! ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010

what to do when you don't feel like doing anything...

It's monday! I took my rest days and then Monday morning my alarm goes off at 5am. I believe I am a LOT like everyone else. I hit the snooze button and think "really? what am I thinking? sleeping in isn't that bad, right?" I REALLY hate getting out of my bed when I feel so good in the bed.
We all know that exercise is important. we all KNOW that we should exercise. So why are the majority of the people we know (and maybe ourselves) so out of shape?

There are a LOT of reasons, a LOT of theories, and a LOT of excuses.

I live in southern Utah in the desert. yesterday is was over 110 degrees. someone told me it was 117. All I know is that in the summer - noone wants to leave the air conditioning or sweat more than they already are from just going out to the mailbox and back. It's a real struggle here.

The best time to work out in the desert summer is early morning when it hasn't reached 100 degrees just yet.

But what about the rest of the country?
The truth is the BEST time for anyone to work out is: whenever they can stick with the commitment! Or just anytime you WILL do it! There is a lot of research out there about the idea time to workout. The research that I follow tends to lean toward morning hours as the best way to start your day and boost your metabolism. If you missed your workout in the morning, it's still just fine to do a night workout.
As a famous shoe company says: Just do it!

When it comes to keeping motivated here are a few tips that help me:
#1 - have more than one workout buddy! I used to have a workout buddy (singular) but when she had to take a job that didn't allow her to continue to train with me, I dropped my training as well. When I have 2 or 3 people I am committed to meet for a workout, I do better at sticking with it knowing that if I am not there, I am letting them down as well as myself. This is why a class or group setting like Bootcamp or Zumba is so effective. You develop relationships with the people you workout with and they look forward to seeing you there.

#2 - When possible do your workout as early in the day as you possibly can! Get it "over with" for lack of better way of putting it. If you commit to yourself that every day you will workout a minimum of 30 minutes as soon as you roll out of bed you are more likely to get it done.

#3 - find the program that keeps you excited. drudgery is not FUN! I Love Bootcamp. I love that it pushes me, changes things up a little, and is TOUGH! I Love Zumba in that it is a Dance atmoshphere and feels like a dance party. I love Yoga becuase I am re-aligned and centered and can focus my mind and body. I love Running It clears my head and feels amazing to complete a race. I LOVE hiking and rock climbing in the adventurous side of me coming to the surface. I love kayaking, I love swimming (well, not really but I will soon). I love challenging myself to be better. So find something you can love to do and look forward to getting there.

Finally, set a goal that you want to accomplish and keep in front of you. maybe have it written on a card that is sitting my your alarm clock so when you wake up and wonder "why?" you can pick up the card instead of hitting snooze and read why.

Have a great morning and go for it!

Friday, July 16, 2010

MELTING? Do it anyway...

It's so Hot today in Southern Utah. Over 110 degrees today I hear.
This is usually lazy weather. The kind where we get fat, sit in our homes and eat sugary cold treats and kill ourselves slowly - that's the trend we are fighting.

SO... take a deep breath, put on some light weight clothing and hit it hard for 30 minutes - then douse yourself with a cold shower, a dip in the pool, or just go do your workout at the lake or beach. Enjoy the time you have to sweat hard and work hard.
Also - don't forget to play this week. Plan your fun activity that gets you outside and exploring your surroundings.

Have a great week!

- Michelle

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot workout for the week!

I'm back from vacation finally! I had a blast and learned even more about what unhealthy food does to me! hahahaha! (I'll share more later on that one)
Here's the featured workout for this week - I hope you enjoy it! Push yourself and see how many rounds you can do in 30 minutes!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy independence day! Here's the workout of the week followed by my thoughts of the day...
remember to push your self. workout at least 30 minutes a week!

So, It's independence day this weekend. it's a weekend of family and food and lots of fun!
I am so excited for the next week! I get to go spend a full week with my brothers and sisters and parents, nieces, nephews cousins, etc...
Guess what they want to do for family time this year? Sit around and play board games and eat chips all day?
GUESS AGAIN! MY family wants to go on family hikes, bike rides, kayaking, play soccer, volleyball and football and learn how to eat clean! at the end of the week we are doing a family triathlon! even my mother - a grandma of 30 grandkids - is joining in on all of it! Her reason - she told me she intends to live long enough to see all her grandkids graduate high school and make them each her famous jean quilts. I am thrilled!
It's so cool to have my mom and siblings all join in on this new "fitness adventure". My older brother is organizing a family relay team to do the long distance 100 mile plus relay races across the country. SO FREAKIN COOL!
I feel like I am part of an amazing team of people.

What can you do with your family or friends?
see if they will join you in an adventure toward healthy living!