Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hostess Half Marathon review.... was it worth it?

First of all it was a 13 mile race for only $10, so yeah. so worth it.
To let you in on a little secret: I am not a hardcore runner in real life. I just play like one when I make my bootcampers run.
I don't run when it's cold or wet or rainy or snowy. I don't run when I haven't had proper nutrition. I haven't even ran a race over 3.5 miles (except the Red Rock relay which was actually easier than the 1/2 marathon for me). and I HATE hostess Products in general.

the Hostess Half Marathon is a 13 mile race where every 2 miles you are required to eat a Hostess Product. I saw this and thought " I can't run 13 miles, I hate twinkies, that is SOOOO gross. I am SOOO gonna do this!"

Now normally I ban the word hostess from my vocabulary and would tell my clients to stay far away from the stuff. But this was different. this was the kind of stupid that is stupid fun and encourages a crazy active lifestyle. And I am ALL about getting out and doing stuff that is outdoors, makes you laugh and gets you active. SO I say GO FOR IT.

I woke up to the sound of rain this morning. It was Cold! I have no rainy day running gear and I was about to run the longest I have ever run in the rain while loading my body up with Sugar. I grabbed some oranges and some vitamin C's as part of my breakfast to ward off the effects of this really stupid race I was about to do.

There were mostly "serious" runners there - you know - people who run marathons all the time and qualified for the Boston. Me... I was planning on a pace of about 12 minute mile and would be toward the back. I was not here to win and prizes - just laugh, eat some garbage, and puke and say I did it.

I found a good pacing partner whose friend left her in the dust and we were about evenly matched. It is a lot easier to keep it up when you find someone about the same pace and rythym as you.
I did fine, even ate 1/2 a chocolate covered Donette at each station. did fine on the uphill and the turn around point. then at Mile 8.8 that is when my knee started killing me. and my running partner Megan's arches were giving her a hard time. This was further than I had ever run straight and I was starting to feel my joints. we decided that we could make it the 1.2 miles to the dog pound and then take a walking break. We made it 10 miles without stopping - so I feel pretty good about myself. I had to take 2 short walking breaks to rest and stretch out my knee.
It's SOOOO frustrating to know you can do it aerobically but to have your body say - uh sorry not gonna happen like you hoped!

as far as the sugary mess of Hostess goes... YUCKY! I only would eat half a donette and throw the other half to the birds and squirrels. I stuck with what I knew used to be my favorite. But at one aid station I saw Raspberry Zingers. I had never had one before and decided to give one a try. Oh my goodness. YUM! I hate half and then... UGH - the Sugary mess hit me hard. YUCK! gross! First bite was awesome but after that I couldn't handle it any more. I was nearly 9 miles and my body could not take any more of this crap. So I wrapped it back up and put it in my pocket instead of tossing it to the squirrels. hahahahahaha.... gross.

I was glad I had Megan to run with. I don't think I would have pushed through quite as hard if I was on my own.

It felt awesome to open up in the end and cross the finish line hard and strong.
13 miles about 1 mile of it was walking breaks due to knee troubles. but the last stretch ended in a good hard fast open run. My knee actually felt better when I opened up in the last stretch. I think I need more training.

what injuries teach me is where I am weak. I now know I need to work a little harder at strengthening the muscles around my right knee and doing some biking will really help with it.
So I learned. I also wonder if I could have done any better at this run without all that sugar? hmmmm... maybe?

This next year is going to be the year of the Bike and Swim and 10K's.
the Marathon will have to wait until I am stronger. I am too competitive to walk as much as I should have on this run. I hope I am not seriously injured. I have Zumba Parties to attend!

Would I do this again? YOU BET! It was a great party!