Friday, December 27, 2013

Is Bootcamp for you?

Phazes Bootcamp is an intense fitness program designed to help you cut fat and get a strong lean body.  Our workouts and trainers are fun! We want you to have a BLAST while you BLAST fat!
In good weather we take our workouts outdoors and use your surroundings and your own body weight.  During cold months we are (mostly) indoors so your lungs don't freeze, because we care.

Bootcamp is for people ready to commit to better habits, track their food, and get their butt kicked every day!  This is not designed as a drop in fitness class that you won't be missed if you choose not to come every day.  When you sign up for Bootcamp you sign up to commit with your trainer and the rest of the crew that you WILL be there for them and for YOU as well.  Skipping out because you just didn't feel like coming isn't an option like it is in a typical gym and other box gym settings.  When you sign up for Bootcamp, you just paid your personal trainers for prepaid training time and said you would be there.  So YOU WILL BE THERE!

If you aren't ready to commit, go to the fitness classes that won't miss you and won't require more out of you.  If you are ready to change, be accountable, and really see something happen... Bootcamp is for you!

Phazes Members get half price on Bootcamps!

If you do...

* a full year *  AKA:  The "whose that gurl? transformation... You could expect the kind of transformation reserved for those late night infomercials.  You know the ones where you think they swapped the "before" person out with a fitness model for the "after" photo.  You would have lifetime habits that never go away. Plus you might be our next top bootcamp trainer.  You would be a fat burning machine and have the kind of body you only dreamed about.
= $960 for a year or $80/month 12 month eft contract

Wendy S. on her first Day of Bootcamp

A year later She needs a new wardrobe
Wendy Shows of her size 6 jeans.  her goal was to get to a size 12.  She Blasted that Goal out of the water.


* 3 months *  AKA "the transformation" .... you could expect the awesome 90 day transformation of a tighter leaner body.  It's the type of training you would do to prepare for a wedding day or swimsuit season.
Plan for that moment you are hoping to get in shape for.
= $300 or $100/month eft 3 month contract


* 4 weeks (one month) * of Bootcamp you could expect a jumpstart.  4 weeks is a start.  You will cut fat and see changes.  You will be able to do more and notice changes.   Get ready to jumpstart your world!
 = $120

What if I just want to drop in here and there?   While Bootcamp wasn't designed for Drop ins, we want you to be able to get the awesome workout even if your life doesn't allow for a full 5 day a week commitment.  Drop in rates are $10/class or a 10 punch for $100

To register for Bootcamp e-mail with the subject "Sign me up"
again prices:

(Phazes members get 50% off)
Annual commitment aka "whose that gurl?" = $960 ($80/month 12 month eft)

3 Month transformation = $300 ($100/month 3 month eft)

4 week jumpstart = $120

Drop in for flakes that can't commit (I say that with a smile and lovingly) = $10/class or $100/10 punch pass

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