Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It's been 5 (FIVE) years!

We want to celebrate with you and make a HUGE Announcement:
Just $30/month eft!
* FREE Childcare!
* Automatic entries into $100/monthly giveaway
* access to online menus
* Unlimited studio access to all group fitness classes
* Unlimited access to 40/20 workouts in the studio or online.
* 1/2 price on 28 day transformation bootcamp
* 1/2 price on one on one personal training

What started as a simply outdoor bootcamps at a park has evolved and grown into a greater vision that has included, bootcamps, group fitness, multiple locations and franchise plans developing, online support, reward programs, Fitness retreats and more.  Phazes isn't finished changing and growing.  As we change and build and develop current and future programs, I appreciate our clients that have seen the vision, caught it and jumped on board.  I appreciate the patient staff that have held on during rough patches as we ironed out the wrinkles.

Phazes beleives in promoting WHOLE health and wellness in the community.  This is more than fitting into our skinny clothes.  It's about ridding our lives of depression. It's about peace.  It's about feeling great.  We want YOU to feel as amazing as YOU ARE!  That is what Phazes is about.  Join us in this movement of bringing wellness to the world, no matter what Phaze of life you are in.

It's been quite the ride so far!  Here's to 50 more years!