Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bring your buddies back! Buddy System Challenge!

(For Hurricane Studio only)

Tis the season!
4th quarter attendance at Fitness Centers across the globe is a sad statement about how we value our health during the time we need it the most!

Exercise helps strengthen the immune system during Flu season!
AND Help us to keep off  typical weight gain of 10 pounds gained during the Holiday Season!
Commit to your buddies to help Stay Healthy this Holiday Season!
For every New client you bring back that signs up as a member, you get a month membership FREE! You could potentially earn an entire year membership free if you find 12 people to bring back to Phazes!

Each time you bring in a friend that hasn't been to Phazes in 60 days or more (or ever) you BOTH get your names entered into a monthly drawing for a FREE $50 gift certificate for any Beachbody or Itworks products!  (held Dec. 1st and Januray 1st.)